Otome Legends Achievements Walkthrough Guide

This guide contains how to get every achievement in “Otome Legends”. You can only earn all the achievements by playing the game twice, so they’re arranged in this guide into two sections, one for the first playthrough and the other for the second playthrough. They’re also arranged in chronological order, so the achievements you can earn earlier in the game come before the achievements you can earn later in the game. Finally, I’ve hidden certain names to avoid spoiling the game for you, so you can use this guide while you’re playing the game without having the later plot developments be spoiled for you.

I hope this guide is helpful, and if there are any changes I need to make to it, then please let me know in the comments below the guide.

First Playthrough

  • No turning back. – This achievement is unmissable. Click past the three warning screens that appear as soon as you launch the game.
  • YOU ARE SUS – This achievement is unmissable. Encounter Naomi for the first time during Ishida’s route.
  • Easter Egg Hunter! – This achievement is missable. Repeatedly refuse Naomi’s request to play “Otome Legends” during Ishida’s route. To do this, first select the “No.” option when Naomi asks you to play “Otome Legends”. Then, once you’ve reached the game’s first game over screen, click the “Retry” button, which will take you back to when Naomi asks you to play “Otome Legends”. Finally, repeat the previous two steps until you earn the achievement.
  • I’m fed up with you. – This achievement is missable. Lose the doodling minigame in Ishida’s route 10 times in a row. To do this, first lose the doodling minigame 5 times by not clicking on your mouse or keyboard and allowing the meter to go down to 0. After your fifth loss, the game will start letting you win the minigame, so once you’ve reached this point, you then need to click the “Retry” button on the game win screen and lose the minigame again. Finally, repeat the previous step another 4 times.
  • Yuusuke Route Unlocked! – This achievement is unmissable. Complete Ishida’s route. It only has one ending.
  • ??? Route Unlocked! & Hiro Route Unlocked! – These achievements are unmissable. Complete Yuusuke’s route. It has three endings, and they’re all related to the final three choices in Yuusuke’s route.
  • Kaoru Route Unlocked! – This achievement is unmissable. Complete Hiro’s route. It only has one ending.
  • We ran out of budget, sorry. – This achievement is unmissable. Encounter the dice minigame during Kaoru’s route.
  • New Route Unlocked? – This achievement is unmissable. Complete Kaoru’s route. It only has one ending.
  • WHAT LANGUAGE IS THIS!? – This achievement is unmissable. Ask the translator to translate the dialogue at the beginning of Naoya’s route from Japanese.
  • Ow, my eye. – This achievement is missable. When you first need to escape from Naoya during his route, click on one of his eyes. This is also the only way to properly close the game during Naoya’s route.
  • You escaped? – This achievement is unmissable. Complete Naoya’s route. To do this, you need to lose the three hearts you’re given during Naoya’s route, which you can only do by clicking on the calendar with the red heart and the bin in Hiro’s office, and on the desk with the pen holder and letter in Chiharu’s classroom. You can only click on all of these objects once you’ve collected all the memories you need to collect during Naoya’s route.
  • The End? – This achievement is unmissable. Complete Moteko’s route and reach the game’s only ending. To do this, you need to win the last minigame, the rock paper scissors minigame, against Moteko. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to scroll back on your mouse or mousepad whenever one of your moves is ineffective.
  • You made a wish. – This achievement is unmissable. After reaching the game’s ending, when Moteko offers to grant you a wish take her up on her offer.


After you’ve made your wish, the game will restart, allowing you to play through it a second time and earn the last two achievements.

Second Playthrough

  • I can’t believe you did that 100 times. – This achievement is missable. During Naoya’s route, close the game 100 times. After doing this, Naoya will let you go, allowing you to begin Moteko’s route.
  • … – This achievement is missable. When Moteko asks you for your name during her route, give your name
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