OXENFREE II Lost Signals Achievements Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to my Lost Signals achievement guide. Mine’s not exactly the first out there but I had already started work on it so I figured I might as well finish it. I hope you end up finding it helpful.

Lost Signals has 3 different endings, and as such you will need at least 3 playthroughs to %100 this game.

Unmissable + Endings


A House in the Woods
Find out the secret at Jacob’s house.


Don’t Get It Wet
Place the transmitter at Tootega Falls.


With a View in the Distance
Place the transmitter at Charity Point.


Up on the Roof
Place the Transmitter at Garland


At the end you will have to pick 1 choice out of 3. Depending on which you chose you’ll get a different ending and achievement.


With Planetshine in Her Eyes

Select Oliviato go through the portal.


A Good Day Waiting on the Other Side
“…accept what you find.”

Select Riley to go through the portal.


Take Care of Athena
“… the apex of my accomplishment.”

Select Jacob to go through the portal. In order for this to be possible, you will have to avoid becoming friends with him. Lie to him, be rude and dismissive, reject his attempts to be friendly, and keep your secrets from him, such as Riley’s pregnancy. Apparently neglecting the secret letter can also help, though I don’t know personally.

Missable + Sidequests


3 AM Food Freinds
Agree to be a special kind of friends.

In order for this one to work, make sure that throughout the game you are friendly with Jacob. Be truthful and encourage him when you can. At some point later in the game, he will ask if he can ask you a “dumb question”. He’ll ask you if you’d like to be his friend after all this is over. Make sure you select “Yes, but that’s not a dumb question.” He’ll be happy and ask about a name for your new friendship. You will obviously want to pick “3 AM Food Friends”.


A Brighter Shade of Violet
Become friendly with Violet.

In order to become friendly with Violet, you’ll need two conversations to happen. Choose the indicated dialogue options. The achievement won’t register until the very end of the game so don’t panic.

12 AM – Help Violet get off the bridge safely and head home.

  • I can help you
  • Who’s talking to who?
  • That’s okay
  • Explain how to leave
  • They won’t
  • She could’ve fallen

2 AM – Stick up for Violet during the confrontation with Olivia at the Community Center

  • Leave her alone, Olivia


Charlie’s Angel
Become friendly with Charlie.
Be as kind as possible to Charlie. Stop Jacob from yelling at him. During the confrontation at the Community Center, select “Whoa! Hold On!” and “You’ll Be Okay, Charlie”.


Hurt Healed
Become friendly with Olivia.

As with the others, be as kind and understanding as possible to Olivia. You won’t be able to befriend both Charlie and Violet without alienating Olivia, so play it safe and let Jacob bully Charlie, or join in yourself. Make sure you keep Olivia’s radio at the community Center instead of smashing it. Ask Olivia about her parents rather than asking Charlie. Lastly, choose Riley to go through the portal. Remember the achievement won’t appear until the very end of the game.


Merry Scary Christmas
Create the scariest One Word Story.

Shortly after entering the tear in the caves located in Waterhead Bluffs, Jacob will ask you to tell a one word story with him. Select “Sure” and then “Santa”, “Fourteen”, and “Loudly”.


On Top of Things
Stop Olivia from tuning the portal in any way

Make sure to grab the radio before she completes any triangles. Being on friendly terms with Charlie and Violet will slow Olivia down.


Problem Solved and Shattered
Prevent Olivia from tuning the portal and smash her radio

Choose to smash her radio at the end of the conversation in the community center. Doing this may prevent you from earning “Hurt Healed” so once you get the achievement you can exit to main menu and prevent the choice being locked in. You will then have to replay from when you smashed the equipment.


He Sounded Familiar…
Talk to a young radio enthusiast.

After Jacob falls down the church tower, and before going down yourself, open your radio to channel 9 to have a short conversation with someone familiar.


Paycheck Earned
Check in with Evelyn for all three transmitters.

Early on, Evelyn will contact you and end up asking you to check in with her after each transmitter is placed. Simply do as she asks after each one and you’ll be good to go.


Just Stay Put
Save Shelley.

When you reach the Ranger Station at Point Tilia during 12 AM, redial the last number on the phone. Keep in regular contact, eventually Shelley will mention a strange voice. Later on, during 2 AM, Jacob will lead you near the Parking Lot. You’ll hear a phone ringing nearby, answer it, and immediately after hanging up call Shelley and tell her to stay put.


The Light of Possibility
Finish Nick’s journey.

Shortly after entering Waterhead Bluffs, you will get a call from someone asking you find a backpack. Don’t go far during this conversation because the location is close. Cross the log and head down the rock wall, the backpack will be inside the shack on the beach. After this, keep in contact with him as regularly as you can. During your final conversation with him, choose either “Sail past it” or “Here’s how to open it”. Both will grant you the achievement.


Unrequited Radio Romance
Hear Maria tell Charlie she has a crush on him.

After talking to Maria regularly, she will mention she has a crush on Charlie. Encourage her to tell him and later she will ask you to tune in to 88.1, once you do so and listen to the conversation, the achievement will unlock.


I’ve Had Weirder Jobs
Deliver the shoe to Hank.

Head to the bottom right of Garland Ghost Town and enter the post office. Soon after doing so you will be contacted by Hank. Open the time tear, and then set the top EMF booster to 3, and the bottom to 9. Once inside the tear you will see a person. Have Jacob take a picture of them, and then call Hank. The “physical evidence” he wants is a shoe. It’s located in the cave you visited as part of the Hot and Cold Game you played earlier. After which you can re-enter the cave and collect the shoe. If you’ve done so, you can call Hank immediately and continue. If not, return to the cave, grab the shoe, and then call him. The final step is bringing the shoe back to the post office in Garland. Place it in the lockbox, talk to Hank for the final time, and then you’re done.


Master of Your Domain
Don’t Pet Athena.

If you want to get “Pet Athena”, and “Don’t pet Athena” in one playthrough, then start with this one. After reaching the Harbor right before the point of no return, You’ll hear whimpering nearby, head to it and a “cutscene” will play. Simply resist the urge to pet Athena and head to the boat.


Who Could Resist
Pet Athena.

As soon as the achievement pops for “Master of Your Domain”, quit the game or exit to the main menu. Upon rejoining, you should be placed right after the widescreen cutscene ends. This time, walk over to Athena and pet her. You should be good to go.


For the collectibles-related achievements including A Flash of Green, Peace in this Ocean, Among the Headstones, Orphaned Dreams, and One Last Mystery, please refer to this guide.

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