P.A.M.E.L.A. Achievement Guide and Tips

Just a general guide to getting all the achievements in P.A.M.E.L.A.

General Tips

My first attempt at this guide was made after completing all the achievements moments earlier. While there are other guides that are more in-depth with the mechanics of the game, this guide will focus on my own experiences and how I managed to get all the achievements.

Please note that timers will only advance while your character is awake. Sleeping will not advance the time for the kiosk restocking timer or the three survival time achievements. I will explain this in more detail later on in the guide.

LOOTING – Make it easy and save time

While exploring from the start, you will see containers with yellow lights on them. That means it’s searchable. Press and hold down the R key will scan the area and will either flip the lights to off (meaning nothing inside), change to light blue (something is in there), or go red (locked and will need to hack to open). This will save a lot of time rather than clicking each container and having to wait and then find out it was empty.


Always try to recycle (not salvage) as many things you don’t need in the Recycler to make money called Lux. You’ll need the Lux to buy things from the vending kiosk through out the game. Always try to keep the power on Emergancy setting for the district area so you can check the kiosks. Try to buy all the Upgrade Cells, Compute Cells, Maintenance keys and Cyano Tube Repairs you can as they are a rare drop from enemies and containers. Each Kiosk has it’s own re-stock timer so make note of it when you find one with the goods you like.

Kiosks I can think of that can possibly sell the rare drop items are:

  • Promenade District, level 3 inside the Novus Store behind the counter.
  • Promenade District, level 1 inside the Genesis store, next to the rooms where you get your Bio-Augments installed
  • Near beginning of the game, in front of the Gene Lab entrance, behind the counter in the back room. You will need to find the key code to get in.

Character Gear

Initially, use what you have available. You’ll be using melee attacks early on until you encounter stronger enemies. Upon reaching the Gene Lab at the beginning of the game, you’ll find a weapon crate located by the front door, which will always have a weapon available when you respawn. Additionally, crafting weapons will become an option once you obtain the Crafting Table Mk. 2, so it’s wise to keep a backup set of weapons on hand just in case.

For the Dorsal weapon, I utilized the Surgical Laser “Lust,” which has a SPEC3 upgrade that enables it to fire pulse shots without generating resonance. This allows for worry-free firing, as there’s no need to be concerned about the resonance eventually causing harm to yourself. If this weapon is not available, the regular Surgical Laser or Javelen XT may be used instead. However, you’ll need to switch over to your Fore weapon when your resonance gets too high and starts causing damage.

As for the Fore weapon, I opted for the Warden’s Fists. The alt-attack is quite useful as it knocks back enemies and deals considerable damage. However, the charge-up time for the punch must be taken into account, so exercise caution.

The utility attachments I used are Chondrial Converter and ReUptake Assist.

  • The ReUptake Assist utility with the Surgical Laser is very good. When you press to fire, if you see no energy consumed, it will fire the Surgical Laser as long as you hold down the fire button without using any energy. If it used some energy, press again until you see it not use energy and hold it down to fire away for free. If you run too low on energy, hit the number 3 key (uses some life) or R key (uses an energy cell) to re-fill energy in the weapon as needed. Resonance doesn’t build up when this happens so don’t worry about hurting yourself.
  • Chondrial Converter utility will spend some life to give you energy for your weapon. Just a useful utility to use when the free fire from ReUptake doesn’t go off.

The power attachment I use was the Cyano Reprocesser. Since I wasn’t getting hit often, this just gives a really small energy regeneration. The Impact Catalyst power attachment is the better option otherwise in my humble opinion.

As for armor It will end up being the hazmat suit you have to craft anyways so I wouldn’t worry about that. Use what you find or craft.

For the other gear, use what you like. This is what I used in the end.

  • Shield – Repercussive Shield – Reflect damage back while blocking.
  • VIS-R – I used the VISR ARK, always nice to see what the water and food levels are.
  • Gadgets – Agility Amplifier , I like to move. Toner Silencer is good as well.
  • Flashlight modifiers – I used the Medical Reflector, seems to be a good balance of distance and wide light spread.

Recommended Genome skills to take while leveling.

P.A.M.E.L.A. levels are called Genome levels. When you gain a genome level from doing various things like hacking locked containers and defeating an enemy, you have to go back to a Cryo Bay to spend your points so remember to go there every couple levels.

This is the order I recommend. Feel Free to change it up as you see fit along the way.

  • Genome Levels 1-5 – Spend on Superior Haemoglobin
  • Genome Levels 6-10 – Spend on Serendipity
  • Genome Levels 11-15 – Spend on Enhanced Vigor
  • Genome Levels 16-20 – Spend on Iron Skin (if you’re doing melee mostly Hypertrophic Musculature is a good option at this point)
  • Genome Levels 21-25 – Spend on Regenerative Tissues ( very important skill to have when using Chondrial Converter to get energy from life)
  • Genome Levels 26+ – If you did Hypertrophic earlier, then I would take Iron Skin at this point and then Trauma Mitigation afterwards. Pick what you want after this.

Milestone Achievements

This is a list of achievements that you can unlock almost by playing naturally. Story-based achievements will be listed at the end to avoid possible spoilers, and any achievements that require more detail will have their own section.

Survival of the Fittest
Reached Genome Level 5.

Progressive Evolution
Reached Genome level 30.

Genetic Legacy
Reached the maximum Genome level.

Equipped your first Bio-Augment.

Equipped 4 Bio-Augments concurrently.

Gearing Up
Equip your attachment.

Decked Out
Have an attachment equipped in each slot.

Fully upgrade an attachment.

Suited Up
Have an armor piece equipped in each slot.

Deep Pockets
Max out the IVG’s storage capacity.

Going Green
Recycle an item at a Recycler

Picked up 50 items.

Picked up 100 items.

Craft your first item.

Craft 20 items.

Make It Your Own
Equip a Dye Module.

Junior Capitalist
Collect 1000 Lux.

Collect 10000 Lux.

Place your first Building Item.

Build a base with 20 Building Items.

Script Kiddie
Hack your first lacked container.

Fast Fingers
Hack 15 locked containers.

One with the Matrix
Hack 50 locked containers.

Defeated 10 enemies.

Defeated 50 enemies.

Force of Nature
Defeated 100 enemies.

Discovered all districts within Eden 052.

Echo Log Achievements

Echo Logs are collected by finding Echo panels on the walls. There are more panels available than there are logs to collect, and accessing new panels each time will progressively advance the story. Therefore, as long as you activate the panels when you find them, there’s no need to worry.

There’s More to this Story
Listen to your first Echo Log.

Echo Hunter
Listen to 50 Echo Logs.

Echo Master
Listen to all Echo Logs.

PAMELA Ability Achievements

Abilities in PAMELA are unlocked by finding Compute Cells, which are a rare drop. However, there is an easy way to obtain them. In the Promenade District, on the third level, there is a shop called Novus. The kiosk is located behind the counter next to a door with a power battery. I purchased almost all of my Compute Cells from this kiosk. There were a couple of restock days where the kiosk did not spawn any, but overall it was very consistent in selling them to me. Any kiosk that sells Upgrade Cells should also sell the Compute Cell.

Working Together
Unlocked your first PAMELA Ability.

Unlocked 5 PAMELA Abilities.

Perfect Harmony
Unlocked all PAMELA Abilities.

Time Base Achievements

These three achievements require the character to be awake. If you die, the timer will start over. To check how long your current character has survived consecutively, press the Tab key, select Datapad, click on Statistics, then click on Survival. The Longest Life listing is the timer that these achievements are based on. Resting does not count towards these achievements.

The character gear I listed earlier should make almost anything trivial. If you’re at the end game when the Stalkers hunt you down between 2030 hrs and 0600 hrs in-game time, and these achievements are the last ones you need, I recommend sleeping during those times. The Stalkers will hunt you down no matter where you are while awake.

Rude Awakening
Survive your first day in Eden 052.

Seasoned Survivor
Survive 5 consecutive days.

Verified Citizen
Survive 15 consecutive days.

Optional Mission Achievements

Optional missions are located in your Datapad, Missions tab. Press the Tab button, select Datapad, click on Mission Tab, then click on the Optional tab. Most of the missions are easy but a few need some work to do. I might list all side missions later if requested, though I don’t think it’s needed since most of them are easy or related to other achievements.

Optional Missions

  • Primal Rage – To do this one you will need a base model Subverser and a 6 blue Upgrade Cells to unlock SPEC1 which gives you Rage darts. Hit the alt-fire key ( mouse 3 by default ) to switch between the darts. Three side missions require this weapon.
  • Charbroiled – To do this one, you will need a base model Kinetic Mortar and 6 blue Upgrade Cells to unlock SPEC1 which adds burning damage to alt-fire. I know it looks like you’re burning them before that but this is what is required to complete the optional mission.
  • Line’Em Up – This one is pretty tough and was the last one I did. The easiest way I think is to do this at end game at night after 2030hrs, wonder the Promenade District area and get three of those invisible Stalkers to hunt you. They always try to go straight for you so kite them around some objects, through hallways or doorways to line them up so you can alt-fire through them. I got them behind a counter in one of the shops and shot them this way.
  • Security Threat – You can de-cloak a Stalker many ways but this optional mission is done a specific way. This one you’ll need to craft a Disrupter and have it powered on when a Stalker tries to walk by it while cloaked. What I did was crafted a Disrupter, a Power Transmitter with a Ion Core to power it and placed them all next to each other with the transmitter turned off. I turned it on around 2030 hrs and waited for the Stalkers to spawn and pulled them to it.

Challenge Accepted
Completed your first optional mission.

Completed 15 optional missions.

Completed all optional missions.

Story Achievements

These are unlocked as you progress through story.

Welcome to the Lab
Reached the Gene Lab

Junior Scientist
Collected Cure ingrediants.

Assuming Direct Control
Established PAMELA’s connection to the Mainframe.

Equipped a full suit of Hazmat Armor

Comms Technician
Repaired the Communication Array.

Sleeper Once More
Enter the Cryo Bay for the last time.

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