Paper Lily Chapter 1 Achievements Walkthrough Guide

This guide will explain in great detail how to get all of the achievements in paper lily. A fair warning that this guide by its very nature will contain spoilers for the game, shouldn’t need to include that but it’s better to have it here just in case than risk spoiling the game for people who’re reading guides without having already completed it.


Hello, I’m unknown, and I figured that making a guide on how to get every achievement would be both fun and useful for the community, as such let’s continue.

The First Choice, Voice Of Trees, Respite, Behind Bars, Behind More Bars, The End

The First Choice: You cannot miss this unless you simply don’t play the game, just select a food and drink at the start, next

Voice Of Trees: You get this when you leave the bus (before the timer runs out) after doing the bus ritual, this is required for progression, and too little to explain next

Respite: you are forced to go to lakeside after either getting past the locked site (route A) or taking the secret path (Route B)

Route A: at forest hub (where the fairy circle and giant tree is), go behind the giant tree to grab a rune, go to the transition zone for red’s house (up the stairs and to the left from the giant tree), and grab the key by taking the hidden path to the left of the bridge, then go along the bridge and avoid three sets of spikes before talking to rune, after talking to rune open the bird cage (for a save point) and enter red’s house, now leave red’s house and talk to rune, use the rune you picked up on him for a bug net and return to forest hub, after the cutscene go up the stairs and to the right to grab the fallen lamp and further to the right to grab the key located behind the red tree, then go back down the stairs to the giant tree and to the left towards the scultptors house, grab the key from his cactus out front before returning to the forest hub and using the bug net to catch fireflies, getting the lamp with fireflies, with this lightsource go to the right past the tree and use your keys to unlock the locked site before navigating it (the path for leaving is to follow the flower path until split 5 and then go up at split five and to the right, at the end of which is a gate to freedom),

route B: See Safer Path

Behind Bars: you get this by entering the facility here’s how:

From lakeside, check the note next to the goldfish to see what it wants (random combo of)

petals: (pink petal is the flowers just outside the goldfish shrine, purple petal is the flower by the balcony located up and to the left from the boat, and white petal is the secret tree located to the left of the fishing rod)

and algae: (blue, green, and black algae are all collected by using the fishing rod)

give the fish the petals and algae it wants and leave the shrine, use the faucet and then the bucket to fill it with special water, then grab the oar outside the shrine, and the oar by the balcony (where the purple petals are), before then going to the boat and using the special water to get rid of the siren, and rowing the boat to the lavender area.

from there go to the lighthouse door and use the yellow round doorknob to find the two moth sisters, they’ll ask you to kill their younger sibling, do it and grab the eye doorknob, slot it into the door then use it to enter the facility and get this achievement

Behind More Bars: After the facility is miss knives’s house, you get here either via:

Draining the water logically: Wake up in jail, prison break with the box (grab your items), meet sai, find fuses, make it to save point and rune, then go upstairs and enter the door at the bottom of the map to go to an elevator room, after which you can go down a room again and enter the entrance hallway, go into the first door there to enter the electrical room, in here you need to grab the shiny handle and interact with the fusebox at the back, use the 40 fuse in the box to power up the water drainage and use the diamond or square valve to turn both the square and diamond pumps, leave and go back to the save point, go to the upper right section and when you reach the two doors enter the one on your right, in there interact with the desk for the star valve, go back to electrical and use it on the remaining two valves to drain the water, then go back to the save area and down the stairs you just opened up to enter miss knives’s home proceed with the cutscene to get this achievement

being criminally insane: See The Bucket

or using the elevator: See Electrician

dream of killing a student with a knife (or eating a crow if you’re a pacifist i guess), and push through the cage miss knives put you in, leave and go upstairs to meet spider, after the cut-scene go back upstairs and enter the bathroom, grab the key out of the bathtub, grab the eye from the kitchen (in the cookie jar), and finally enter the room with painting girl (hallway up and to the right), gouge her eye out to cause a chase sequence, escape her (the room layout is seemingly random but prioritise going down and left when possible and keep sprinting, you should be fine), then go back into her room and grab the mirror from the cage, now you can go to the stairway and use the two eyes on the black painting with hands to open it up, interact with it to go inside and get the knife, cut yourself then go back to the kitchen where you picked up the eye, once there interact with the ladder and pot and stir it, don’t grab the item instead use the knife on the pot to get the foot, from here go downstairs and use the key to open miss knives’s bedroom, grab the rag off of her bed and unlock the lockbox on her desk with the code 18for another key, leave her bedroom and go down to enter the library, upstairs from the library is a locked door that you should have the key for, open it and enter, after the dialogue with spider use the rag in the water to cleanse it and remove the drape from the painting in the top right corner, now grab the bottles fill them with water and enter the lower hallway, use a bottle on the yellow and red paintings to create red and yellow paint, go upstairs and do the same with the blue painting for blue paint, and return to use them on the painting turning it into a sketchbook, now talk to spider and go upstairs, right next to the painting girl room is a door you couldn’t enter before, enter it and layout the items in the following sequence:

Mirror, Book, Rag, Foot, Knife,

then press the last button to cause it to combust and get the lighter

now go light the fireplace and burn the items in the same order, this will start the fight with miss knives, after which you only need to beat or skip her and go down the hall to reach the exit door, use your return doorknob to get the true ending and this achievement

“Simple” achievements

Start the game, pick your poison, return home, run upstairs, run into hiro, mash through the dialogue, go to your room, mash through the cutscene, grab your notebook, feed your tamaghost(tm) for fun, grab red ribbon out of your wardrobe (shelves next to your clothing), go downstairs, grab a marker from the bookshelf, tie the ribbon around your phone cord, draw on the door, talk to hiro, and go to sleep.

ritual is now set so, go downstairs dial the number:


(reference of keypad layout):


and select any option except for “my bus is late” then rush outside


select “my bus is late” then either wait 30 seconds or go outside then back inside

now go back to your room, turn on the PC to get your next mission, go downstairs and spread salt in front of your balcony door and front door, untie the ribbon from your phone then spread salt in front of the garage door and go to sleep,

Death ANY% speed run finished, now just mash through the cutscene and let the sweet release of death take you

Around The Campfire:

Load a save from forest hub and go to red’s house, in red’s house look under the books on his desk to find an adapter, leave his house and go to the transition between forest hub and red’s house, by the stairs where you enter from forest hub there are some bushes user the adapter near there to plug in a campfire near the save point of forest hub, after which going there should unlock the achievement


Load a save from forest hub:

Go behind the giant tree to get a rune, go up the stairs and to the right to grab yourself a lamp, go past the lamp to the red tree and grab the key behind it, leave this area and go to red’s house, talk to rune there and trade him a rune for a bug net, leave red’s house and go left from the bridge in the transition area to find a second key, now return to forest hub and use the bug net next to some glowing circles to get the lamp with fireflies, now go the the sculptors house and grab the key from the cactus in front of his house, after that enter the locked site to the fight of forest hub by using the three keys in your inventory, from here on listen for a heartbeat, the faster it is the more danger you’re in, hide in the bushes to reduce danger and get rid of the monster, also don’t run, just walk it’ll make your life much easier

coin 1 is located down the 1st split from the flower path.

coin 2 is located down the 4th split from the flower path

and finally coin 3 is located down the 5th split from the flower path to the left

the exit is located down the 5th split from the flower path and to the right

load your lavender area save, and either: give the shadow girl your lamp with fireflies, the injured bunny, or the caterpillar the moth sisters ask you to kill, this achievement is very simple

load your miss knives’s house save and go upstairs into the living room, in there you can find plants, interact with all of them then do the following, turn on the gramaphone to satiate the music plant, use the tea set to satiate the drinking plant, use the white flowers on the right side of the room to satiate the flower crown plant, then enter the kitchen and use the green frog to satiate the food plant, once all plants are satiated they drop the lockpick, give the lockpick to sai in the cage and you can free him (or if you followed my path earlier with miss knives you probably noticed a spare key that you could use to free him but anyways)

while dreaming of eating a crow, refuse to eat the crow then interact with it again, pick up the ______. and roleplay as omori, simple and easy, very fun

just don’t skip miss knives’s fight, here are some pointers i can give:

die and retry if you think you need the second hit in a given phase, retrying only restarts the current phase so it’s much more forgiving than you think

phase 1:

her patterns are (mostly) consistent so just get used to them and work around that next

phase 2:

you can no hit these stupid chasers pretty easily, just do the following:

1) strafe around them when they approach directly from where you’re going

2) avoid the center of the map as much as possible

3) remember the order: mirror, book, rag, foot, knife, open hands/lighter/fire

phase 3:

1) first part with the knives is random but play it safe and you’ll be fine

2) stand to diagonal to fire as they spread out in all four directions from the marker

3) don’t rush and be careful

further help:

here is a youtube video of yours truly doing this fight (twice) no hit that you can use if you’re having trouble visualising the info in this guide and need help,

i only ever found 4 runes, but i have this so idk, i’ll just list the rune locations i know of since even i’m confused on this one tbh:

Rune 1: Located at the train station, use a coin on the broken vending machine then interact with it again and speak the universal language of violence in order to get your coin back and a rune.

Rune 2: behind the tree in forest hub

Rune 3: upon reaching lakeside stick to the bottom of the screen and go left, you’ll reach a small seemingly isolated burrow on an island, interact with it to get a rune,

Rune 4: in the Facility, go to the electrical room (upstairs from save room doo grar at bottom of room) grab the key, go downstairs and into the first room (left of the left side’s bottom entrance/path), solve the box puzzle there and on your way out interact with every bookshelf until you get a metal key, now return to the save room and head towards the bottom right side, re-enter the room you and sai entered when you first met and use the key on the locked gate in there, the rune is located in the well

load a facility save, go up stairs and enter the lower door on the right side, it’ll open to a white room with a music box, interact with it and wait out the song to get this achievement

Load a lakeside save, chase after the bunnies/rabbits, one of them is injured and thus is slower than the others, grab it, now pickup the bucket and solve the goldfish puzzle (see Respite), then use water on the siren to get rid of her, and use the boat to go to the lavender area, save then go to the door and add the return doorknob to the door and use it, you should now have this achievement

Complicated Achievements part 1

Safer Path+Queen of Fools+The Bucket+Electrician(and also probably Rune’s friend+also restoring the special door because why not, all at once):

Load a bus stop save and head up, do the first puzzle normally then during the second puzzle make the lower secret sign face west and the upper secret sign face down, enter the secret area to get the first of 11 coins (1/11), then leave and make the lower sign face north, and the upper sign face east, to grab the first of three doorknob fragments (1/3), now continue onwards until you reach the train station, grab the coin in the trashcan next to the potato vending machine (2/11) then also grab the coin behind the vending machine (3/11), go inside the train station and use a coin on the broken vending machine, then kick it to get the coin back and get your first rune (1/4), go downstairs and grab the scissors for your first key item [scissors], go back upstairs and leave the station, buy some potato chips and hop onto the tracks, solve the random puzzle (using the indicators of eyes appearing in the forest for the first part, the noises of bugs crawling in the forest for the second part, and finally cutting a plant to gain immortality) and leave the station behind for good, now head to the daylight gate and just cut the wires of the streetlamps to skip the puzzle, you’ve now arrived at forest-hub, we will spend a lot of time here, head up to the tree and go behind it to grab your second rune (2/4), go left to the sculptors house and grab the key from the cactus in his front yard, then enter the house, immediately upon entering the house turn right then interact with the vase to grab a coin (4/11), then leave by the side door and grab another coin out of the garden (5/11), after this you go back into his house and go downstairs to the third floor, feed him chips to put him to sleep and grab the coin behind the draped statue (6/11), now leave his house, through the front door and re-enter, descend once more to the bottom floor of the house and talk to him, exhaust his dialogue and pick up the three flowers he drops, and after doing so, leave the house again, now go back to the giant tree and head up the stairs to the right, then immediately go up, in this room underneath the leaves of the tree to your left is a coin pick it up (7/11), then leave and head to the right, on the ground is a lamp from a lamppost that fell off, pick it up and continue right until you see a red tree, grab the key from behind it and leave, go all the way to the left now and off screen to the area transition between red’s house and forest-hub, head to reds house and avoid the spikes on your way there, talk to rune, then enter the house, grab the curse cure notes, and the adaptor, before taking some ink mushrooms and tree bark to make the stone curse cure at the alchemy table, after making that interact with the corner of the lower run that’s folded up to reveal a locked trapdoor, leave the house and talk to rune, then give him your two runes to get a bug net and some bolt cutters, then interact with the birdhouse to add a save point and check behind it for a coin (8/11), finally leave red’s house and in the transition area between red’s house and the forest-hub, take a left from the bridge and go down to get the third key for the locked site, then go to the stairs leading to forest hub and check the nearby bushes for an outlet, plug the adapter into it and enter forest-hub, after the cutscene use the bug net to catch some fireflies and head into the locked site.

in the locked site there are three coins as stated in the section about daredevil, they are as follows:

coin 1 is located down the 1st split from the flower path.

coin 2 is located down the 4th split from the flower path

and finally coin 3 is located down the 5th split from the flower path to the left

grab these coins then return back to the flower path and head towards the entrance, leaving the way you came in but with all 11 coins available collected (11/11), now head to the sculptors house and use the stone curse cure on the candle man to get the key item [blue candle], return to the forest-hub save point and talk to alba (the girl by the fish stall), choose to talk to her then deny her offer and interact with her again, select “buy all” to get 99 fish, then go interact with the mirror in the tree until you can open it, when you can open it use fish on the mirror and throw them all in, then get swallowed by the fairy hole.

you’ll survive because you have scissors, and can use those scissors to cut another person, (aoi) out of a fairy plant, saving their life, you’ll then have to walk around and explore the fairy hole until you find a bus stop, once there use a flower on aoi and leave the bus stop before then jumping down the nearest hole you can find, after jumping down you’ll be faced with a series of invisible mazes, solve them and jump down a second hole to reach the bathtub, continue on until you see the dead end and then watch the cutscene where aoi melts into a drain and saves both of your lives with the power of friendship (and copious amounts of fish), then go save and jump into the fairy hole again to earn the achievement:

Now that you have queen of fools, load your new save and head on over to red’s treehouse, once you get there use your bolt cutters to open the trapdoor, and head on down, when you get there you’ll see a prisoner in a cell, get close and he’ll talk to you asking you to get closer, do it once but refuse the second time and he’ll ask you to get him some slugs, from earlier in the room, do that then also give him the blue candle and inspect the mirror in the far right side of the room, kick it and it’ll reveal a door you can enter, but you need a passcode, lucky for you you gave the prisoner a blue candle so he gives you the passcode with no prompting allowing you to continue,

going down this path there are spike puzzles that you use to figure out the codes which are (in order): 3111, 1682, 5729, 573248along the way investigate the crack in the wall for a doorknob fragment (2/3), and reach the end of the path to get the achievement:

upon completion you’ll be in the secret side area of lakeside, so grab white petals while you’re here and head right to reach lakeside proper, upon reaching lakeside proper you should immediately grab the bucket nearby and use the fishing rod to get black, blue, and green algae, then head up and to the left to grab the boat oar and purple petals, head back and go to the shrine, grab the boat oar and pink petals before going into the shrine and solve the goldfish puzzle, fill the bucket with special water and then interact with the faucet twice (first to turn it on, second to grab the doorknob fragments) (3/3), head back to lakeside proper and head down towards where you arrive from if you take the locked site, head left while hanging down there and check the burrow for your third rune (3/4), then head to the boat, splash the siren, and sale off towards the lavender area,

now that you’ve arrived at the lavender area head to the shadow girl’s shop and give her the doorknob fragments which she fixes up and returns to you, which means you now have the loreknob, anyways, talk to shadow girl for the rainbow potion and leave the shop, then head to the moths, agree to kill the caterpillar, don’t do so instantly instead walk up to the fire and use the terrarium on it, for a metal AF kill, and the eye doorknob, head back, insert the eye doorknob and with your empty bucket by your side, fall into a coma and wake up in prison.

Complicated Achievements part 2

escape your conveniently unlocked cell and grab your items from the desk before using the box to vent in the second room from the right, meet sai, run into room, look at everything and grab the fuse (fuse 5), leave room, enter save point, and start work on the engineer and the bucket, first give rune your rune to receive a map of the facility, not particularly useful but still worthwhile, go up and left first to enter the prison wing, enter the door on your right and grab the diamond handle, return to the save room and head up then left or right to go up stairs, head to the back of the room and enter the elevator room, head down once more and enter the first door you run into to reach the electrical room, grab the square handle and copper key then install both handles in their respective slots but don’t turn them, open the electrical panel and use the 5 fuse you picked up to power the giant gate, then check the locker for a fuse (10), after which exit the electrical room and head right towards the entry stairs to pick up your trusty bucket, after which return to the save room and open the giant gate to grab the pentagon handle from the table before taking the lower path to the left, then opening the first door on your left with the copper key and heading into a box sorting minigame,

here’s the answer

Complete this puzzle to get the star handle, after which be sure to grab the metal key found here:

and exit the room

Enter the bathroom (left then up and it’s the door on your left from the room you just left) and mash through the conversation, then grab the fuse (40) from the shelf in the bottom right corner of the room, and return to the save room, then head to the lower right path end enter the room you originally met sai in, use the iron key on the gate in the back to open it and grab the fuse (20), then use the well to obtain your final rune (4/4) and head back to the save room, give rune the rune in exchange for a screwdriver and then open the grate in the back of the box puzzle room you solved earlier, grab the fuse (15) off the table and try to leave the room, before noticing that you can’t and using the board nearby to quickly subvert that issue, now make your way back to electrical slot the star and pentagon handles into place but don’t use them and access the fuse box, when you’re done it should look like this:

and you should get the achievement:

which now leaves us with one final task, exit the electrical room, and head back to the save room before saving your game, then use the bucket on the water flooding the stairs, walk over to the bathroom, dump the water into the sink, and repeat, over and over and over and over and over again, after a while the game will fade to black and you’ll have finally gained the achivement:

freeing you up to go fight miss knives or if you’d rather not do that, to simply quit now that you’ve finally completed the game


anyways, that’s all from me, have a wonderful day ladies and gentlemen and i’ll see you all next time for chapter 2

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