Paper Lily Chapter 1 True Ending Walkthrough Guide

A complete walkthrough of Paper Lily – Chapter 1 with solutions to games

At Home

When you get home, fill up the bird feeder with bird food in your inventory before entering the house. Go to the fridge and eat the food your mom left you. Go upstairs and to your room (the very last one towards south), take your notebook, the rune, salt, and the Return Doorknob from the dresser at the bottom, and feed your TamaGhost. Go to your parent’s room and take Red Thread from the bedside table. Go downstairs and take a Red Marker from the bookshelf in the living room, Red Paint from the shelves in the garage

Go out of the backdoor and talk to Hiro. Paint on the front door, tie a bow on the phone cord. Set your alarm, talk to Hiro again and go to sleep.

Dream Sequence

Enter the door on the top left and go straight until you find your locker, open it, then enter the wardrobe.

At Home

Dial 999281#0 on the phone

The original phone:


Select “My bus is late”, go out and get on the bus.

Dream Sequence 1

Pick up Red Item I and enter the wardrobe.


Get off the bus before the time runs out.


Interact with the tree at the end of the path. Go back and interact with the second sign and rotate it. Proceed on the path.

Rotate all the Daylight Gate signs so that they lead you to the north-east part of the woods, and all the Train Station Access signs so that they lead you to the south-east part of the woods.

Go to the train station.

Train Station

Enter the building, go downstairs and pick up the Scissors.

Descend onto the train tracks and go right. Pick a ticket from the dispenser and proceed to the bottom path. Don’t walk too close to the demon.

Pick a ticket and proceed to the top path.

Pick a ticket, cut any of the plants and proceed on that path.

Pick the Blue Sign, continue forward, and put the sign back on the wooden post. Go back to the woods.


Go to the Daylight gate and interact with it. Cut the cables on every lamp with the Scissors and enter the gate.


At the tree go east and interact with the statue.

Go back to the tree and head north-east. Take the Padlock Key behind the tree.

Go back to the tree and head west. Turn left before the sign. Interact with the floor at the end of the path and you will find the second Padlock Key. Go back to the sign and proceed forward. Interact with Rune, go inside the house and find the AC Adapter, then interact with Rune again. On your way back to the tree, plug in the AC Adapter behind the bushes before the stairs.

Back to the tree, go west. Interact with the picture after the first flight of stairs and find the third Padlock Key.

Fairy Ring (Optional)

Buy all the fish from Alba (you will need 10 coins for this). Go to the tree and throw all the fish inside it. Enter the fairy ring.

On the left there is a plant that moves, cut it with the Scissors to free Aoi. Keep going forward. At the intersection, go south. And then south again. Skip the hole and get to the bus stop. Then go back and jump in the hole. Keep going forward by avoiding the fairy heads and then jump in the next hole. Interact with the end of the path.

Fairy heads mazes solutions:


There are two ways to pass the maze and get to the lake:

  • At the tree, go east again, insert the Padlock Keys in the gate and go in.
    Follow the flower petals to the gate at the end of the maze. The louder the heartbeats, the closer the demon is. Hide in the bushes whenever you hear the heartbeats not to die.
  • You need two runes for this. Go to Rune and give him the two runes, this way you will receive a Bolt Cutter. Now go to the maze, and when you find a fence, cut it with the Bolt Cutter. Continue on the path you just opened. Push the wooden log on the river and cross it.

Secret Passage (Optional, instead of the maze)

(You get an achievement at the end of this)

You cannot do this if you have completed the fairy ring. You will need: two runes and potato chips.

Go to Red’s Tree House, find the AC Adapter and plug it in the bushes. Go to Kozmo and knock on his head until it breaks and replace it with the pot outside the Sculptor’s House. Go back to the Sculptor’s House and give the potato chips to Kett the potato chips on the bottom floor. Go to Red’s Tree house and give the two runes to Rune. Enter the house, grab the Stone Curse Notes from the desk and read them, then use the Bolt Cutter to open the padlock under the carpet. Talk to the Prisoner and give him the Jar of Slugs, then kick the mirror. Go to Kett and talk to him until he drops a flower and take it. Go back to Red’s Tree House, take Cursed Tree Bark from the tree and Ink Mushrooms, then make Stone Curse Cure at the chemistry set. Give the cure to the candle man to receive a Blue Candle. Give the candle to the Prisoner to receive the code for the keypad. When you complete all the puzzles, always go right and you’ll get to the lake.

The codes I got are: 9350, 1682, 5729, 573248 but they might be different for you.

Lavender Area

Get to the door and open the first doorknob. Go out and open the second doorknob. Enter in the tent. Take the caterpillar and kill it (alternatively, give it to the Shadow Girl in the first doorknob for an achievement).

Go out and insert the Doorknob With Eye in the empty slot and go in it.

Dream Sequence 2

Enter in the second door. Enter in the garage. Give the knife to Mother. Pick up Red Item II. Go to the garage and in the wardrobe.


Exit the cell and grab your items from the desk. Push the wooden box into the second cell from the right. Climb the box and remove the vent cover. Crawl into the vents.

There are two ways to lower the water level:

  • (You get an achievement at the end of this)
    Go up the stairs and towards south. At the end of the path you’ll find a bucket. You can use it to bring water from where Rune is to the bathroom. Doing this about 10 times will lower the water level.
  • (You get an achievement at the end of this)
    In order to do this, you will need the rune you can find at the lake.In the operating room grab Fuse 5 from the cupboard at the top. Go out and continue on the path. Upstairs on the left there’s a bathroom, inside it, in the cupboard in the bottom right you will find Fuse 40. In the room opposite to the cell you were in at the beginning, you will find a Diamond Handle. Go on top of the stairs from Rune, towards the bottom, you will find a room with a control panel. Here you will find a Square Handle and Fuse 10. Since you are here, place Fuse 5 in the control panel. A bit further from the bathroom there is a locked room, open it with the Copper Key and solve the puzzle. This way you will find a Star Handle. In one of the bookshelves you can also find a Silver Key. Go back to the operating room and use the Silver Key to open the gate. Here you can find Fuse 20 and a rune inside the well.
    Go to Rune and give him both runes, in exchange you’ll receive a map of the facility and a Flat Screwdriver. Use the Flat Screwdriver to open the vent in the room with the bookshelves and find Fuse 15. Go back to where Rune is and inside the big gate behind him you’ll find a Pentagon Handle.
    Go back to the control panel room and put all the fuses in their place. The top four are 40+20 and 10-15. Then put the handles in their place and rotate them.

Go down the stairs then go to the right. Enter the house.

Dream Sequence 3

Enter in the third door and eat the bird. Pick up Red Item III and go through the wardrobe.

If you choose not to eat the bird, interact with it again to get an achievement.

Miss Knives’ Home

Go out the room and up the stairs.

In the fireplace room interact with all the plants. Bring tea from next to the fireplace to the first one. Bring the flowers next to the phone to the second one. Play music from the gramophone for the fourth one.

Go out and to the door to the left. Inside the bathtub there is a Key. Enter the door to the right. Take Eyeball from the cookie jar. Stir the cauldron. Interact with the frog and feed it to the third plant. Pick up the Lock Pick and give it to Sai.

Exit the room and go to the left. Use the Key to unlock the door at the end of the corridor. Take Black Object from the bed.

To find the combination for the box on top of the vanity, count all the key pictures on both floors of the house. The combination is:

018 With the obtained Key unlock the door inside the library. Interact with the object covered by some drape. Pick up Glass Jar x3 and fill them with water from the pool. Use one Jar of Water on the yellow painting in the hallway, one on the red painting on the other side of the hallway, and one on the blue painting in the hallway upstairs. In the middle of the upstairs hallway there is a corridor, go to the first room there. Take the Eyeball from the painting. After escaping from the lady, go back into the room and retrieve the Black Object from the cage.

Put both Eyeballs on the painting in between floors. Enter into the painting and get Black Knife. Go back to the room in the library.

Put any of the paint on the Black Square. Put each of the Black Objects in the pool. Go back to the cauldron room and use the knife to cut the object in the cauldron.

Ask Spider what to do next.

Go to the room at the end of the small corridor on the top floor. Change the objects in the paintings to the correct order.

The order is:

Hand Mirror
Cold Compress
Human Foot

Light up the fireplace and place the object in it in order. Play the mini games (you’ll get the same result if you skip, but will not get the achievement).


Interact with the first gate. Go to the second gate and talk to Spider. Enter the room on the right and place the Return Doorknob in the door. Interact with the vase twice then enter the door.

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