Papetura Achievements and Walkthrough Guide

This guide will be showing you the complete walkthrough and steps on how you can obtain all achievements in Papetura. If you’re one of the players who are trying to get 100% achievements in Papetura, this one is for you.

Before we start, please note that this guide may contain spoilers of the game. For those who are looking for the exact guide to obtain a certain achievement, feel free to scan this page.

Papetura Achievement Walkthrough Guide

There’s a total of 10 achievements in Papetura. All of these achievements are hidden or secret. Below are the steps on how you can unlock all of these achievements.


  • Click on yourself

GET UP achievement unlocked

  • Click on the pod where the fly is sitting.
  • Pick up the small cup with the little fly inside.
  • Click on the other two pods in the lower area so that they will be glowing.
  • Use the fly launcher to hit the other pods in the room so that all of them will be glowing.
  • Exit the room.
  • Hit the thorny seed with your fly launcher and a fly should stick to it.
  • Hit the creature below the seed to wake him up and the creature will extend the bridge.
  • Go to the other side, and climb up the pole with the thorny seed.
  • Talk to the creature on the right.

FLYTRAP achievement unlocked

  • Climb back down and push the creature all the way left into the starting room so that it eats the big fly.
  • Push it back to the room it was in and climb up.
  • Climb on top of the thorny things while hitting the top so that the first 5 will have a pulsating glow while the last doesn’t.
  • Climb back down and keep pushing the creature right through the new opening on the right and keep doing so until the bridge connects so you can go to the other side. if you push it too far just push it to the bar left a bit.

BRANCHES achievement unlocked

  • Jump through the hole on the right and continue left until the cutscene.

LIGHT achievement unlocked

  • Keep running to the left while avoiding the burning meteors.
  • After this section go down and right.
  • Interact with the two creatures so that the bridge will be lowered.
  • Climb down and remove all the seeds from right to left.
  • Now cross the bridge to the other side.
  • Under the bridge, you will notice a cat-like creature under some debris.
  • Remove the debris and interact with it.

TAPEWORM achievement unlocked

  • Interact with the seed to pick it up.
  • Now you will be able to launch seeds.
  • Hit the creature on the left that is sleeping in the water with your seed launcher.
  • The creature will be following you. the goal is to make him stay near the middle and let a big seed drop on it.

  • Once he’s out climb on top of him and sail left.
  • Hit the creature on the left and it will wake up.
  • If the creature is too scared go right and slowly progress towards it without fully allowing it to go up.
  • Once you manage to finally approach it and clear the blockage ask him to drain the water and head to the left.
  • In the new area hit the vine with your seed and quickly go past it and into the next area.

KEY achievement unlocked

  • Continue left twice and wake up the creature using your seed launcher.
  • Return to the previous room and climb up the stairs and go through the door on the right.
  • Climb up to the area with the ladder and use your seed launcher to hit the 3 spots to lower the ladder.
  • Climb the ladder and speak with the creature.
  • Now use your seed launcher to hit all 9 spheres to make them glow. you would need to bounce them off each other to reach higher spots.

BRAIN achievement unlocked

  • Leave the room and go to the right past the bridge into the next room.
  • Interact with the worm to get a fish bait.
  • Now the goal is to try and catch the jellyfish and one of the bigger fishes at the bottom of the pond while avoiding all the small fish, so try using your bait once all other smaller fishes are far away.
  • After catching the jellyfish and big fish leave the room and go to the left.
  • Speak with the bartender and you will exchange the jellyfish for a bottle.
  • Speak with the creature reading the book and you will exchange your fish for the book.
  • Go lower into the room with vines.
  • Use your seed launcher to shoot at all the vines and quickly progressing to the right before the vines go low.
  • In this room interact with the picture.
  • Now close the window on the left and you will see an image on the area where the picture was.
  • The goal is to click on the buttons in order beginning from the mouth and ending with the tail.
  • Pick up the glasses and return to the area with the lights puzzle.
  • Speak to the creature and bring him all the items he requested.
  • Now you will be playing as the cat.
  • The goal is to light all the pods to open the exit.

BUGS achievement unlocked

  • Pick up the key and avoid the other bugs until the exit opens, then leave.
  • Return to the area with the creature that drained the water.
  • Interact with the creature and ask it to fill the water twice and continue to the right using the key on the door.
  • Use your seed launcher on the red area when the creature inhales and it should push you out.

BALLOON achievement unlocked

  • Climb up and enter the balloon.
  • Keep flying up while dealing with the creatures by throwing seeds when they open their mouths.
  • After reaching the top, interact with the opening that got steam coming out of it.
  • Throw a seed to block the steam from coming out and interact with the opening below it.

SACRIFICE achievement unlocked

Congratulations! You have completed and obtained all achievements in Papetura. We would like to extend our gratitude to Marklar and Bunny for this achievement guide. Do you have a suggestion to improve this guide? Feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below.

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