Paradise Lofts

Paradise Lofts Beginner’s Guide and Walkthrough

This guide will be covering all the details that you should know in Paradise Lofts video game. In addition to the important information that every beginner should know, we will also be giving you the steps on how to win the game.

Before we get started, please note that this Paradise Lofts guide contains spoilers. For players who don’t want to get spoiled, we highly recommend leaving this page. If you’re just looking for a certain guide, then feel free to browse the table of contents below.

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This is marketed as Chapter One of the story and not Early Access. Do not expect a complete game. Some portions of the game are complete, however others are requests to support on Patreon, some are coming later or not unlocked.

You play as the main character, Stu Longwood. You can rename the character anything you would like. Stu has just moved out of his mother’s house and is planning on renting an apartment at Paradise Lofts with his girlfriend Penny Albright. Stu is a photographer and met Penny during a shoot that made her famous. Stu normally takes pictures for Raceways & Tracks magazine.

Life immediately gets complicated for our hero Stu. His boss at Raceways & Tracks, Bendi, calls and lets him know he is suspended for the rest of the season. Enter Ms. Penny Albright. Penny wasn’t at a modeling shoot today, she was busy moving in with Biff Tarvis, a fashion photographer.

The Lay of the Land

Your room

  1. The Clock – Informs you of the time of day and day of the week. Everything is really based on a 12 hour day, morning is the 12 time, evening starts at 6, and the day ends when the clock is back at 12.
  2. Your Dresser – Your dresser has five options of wearing pants, shirt, and suspenders. (This may change as the game gets updated)
  3. The window to the courtyard – This is where you can see what’s going on at the complex.
  4. Your camera – Allows you to get a better view of what’s going on.
  5. Your notepad – Tells you what you need to do, to push the story along.
  6. Your Post-Penny Scoreboard – A Gallery of some of your encounters. Not all encounters are available on the Post-Penny Scoreboard and you will have to re-enact them in game if you want to see them again.
  7. Your bed – Where you can sleep or nap to advance the time of day.
  8. Takes you to your room
  9. Takes you to the courtyard
  10. Used to move around town
  11. Used to save your game
  12. Shows you your stats and badges
  13. Takes you back to your main room

The Main Room

  1. Your phone – Where you make and receive calls
  2. Books to read – Read 10 books to earn the Well Read Badge
  3. More reading material
  4. Radio
  5. Guitar – Play 10 times to earn the Guitar Hero Badge – 1
  6. Magazines to read
  7. You liquor select
  8. You refrigerator – Eat 10 of the “unique” meals to earn the Bizarre Food Bade
  9. Door to the Bathroom

The Bathroom

  • Your tub
  • Your toilet

Both are functional, but do not seem to have any real effect on the game.

The courtyard view that you can access from your bedroom window. You can click on any silhouette to zoom in with your camera.

Click on the camera icon to zoom in a little more, use the arrow to return to the courtyard view.

Camera Zoom, use the arrow to return to the courtyard view.

Map – Page 1

  1. Paradise Naturist Club
  2. Mayor’s House – Not currently available
  3. Paradise University
  4. Drive-in – Not currently available
  5. GAM – Magazine Headquarters
  6. Grocery Store
  7. Photo Shop
  8. Hardware Store – Not currently available
  9. Gas station – Butch works here
  10. Factory / Industrial area
  11. Top Hat Club – Freddie Felix – Manager
  12. Church – Not currently available
  13. Pharmacy
  14. Paradise Lofts – Home Sweet Home

The Cast

Apartment building across from you.

  • Polly Sayers – A widower whose husband, Kip, died in a train accident.
  • First floor – left door

  • Rita Stones – Lives with her dad
  • Greg Stones – Lives with Rita
    • Available Monday and Tuesday mornings in the apartment
  • Second floor – left door (2A)

  • Jane and June Driscoll, 21 years old, Identical Twins, College students
  • Second floor right door (2B)

  • Gretta Brentworth – Rich Heiress Widower
  • Third floor

Left Apartment Building

  • Edith Hutchins – Over 55 and Lionel’s wife
  • Edith’s husband – Works at the warehouse
  • First Floor – left door

  • Zoe Hooker – Butch’s wife, Normally found by the mailboxes in the courtyard.
  • Butch Hooker – Zoe’s husband, Mechanic at the local garage
  • Second Floor – left door (2A)

  • Bethe
  • Second Floor – right door (2B)

  • Austin Pavel – Author of ‘Icarus in the Womb’ play
  • Left building, third floor

People who do not live in the apartments.

  • Bendi – Stu’s boss at Raceways and Tracks magazine

  • Penny Albright – Stu’s ex-girlfriend

  • Clara Vasquez – Maid from Eagle Cleaning Services, comes to your apartment every Tuesday morning, free for the first month and then $5 per week after.

  • Dexter (Dex) Simms – Owner of the Photography Shop

  • Sandra Beaver – Your first nude modeling job

  • Donna Preston – Building Manager

  • Brenda Jones – Curator and Manager of Paradise Naturist Club

  • Two Cents – Bouncer at the Top Hat club

  • Freddie Felix – Manager of the Top Hat club

  • Anita Stillwell – University Theater instructor

Dex’s Photo Shoot

Talk to Dex at the Photo Shop.

After Dex explains the job talk to him again. (You can ask him three of the following questions)

  • Does Sandra know she has to model naked, or not?
    • Award Angel Point
  • Why haven’t you ever learned how to use a camera?
  • You see a naked girl and get a boner?
    • That’s hilarious! – Award Demon Point
    • Don’t sweat it – Award Angel Point
  • Who are these pictures for again?
    • Awards Know Your History Badge!
  • Have you heard from Vince Tills?
  • When do I get paid?
    • Award Demon Point

Talk to Sandra

The object is to get Sandra nude. Using Angel points will get you started, using Demon points she starts off in her underwear. The last two answers don’t cost you points, but you have to start from 0. The responses are the same for all four scenarios.

  • Sandra, you can trust me. (Use ANGEL points for an advantage)
  • Don’t have a cow! (Use DEMON points for the greatest advantage)
  • We both need the money.
    • Award Demon Point
  • Just do your best.
    • Award Angel Point

Select these answer to get Sandra to strip completely.

  • Yes, that’s a very nice pose.
  • Smile for me again.
  • You’re a natural model.
  • Do you mind if I give you some tips?
  • Keep it up.
  • Are you comfortable?
  • Have you ever considered nude portrait modeling?
  • I know you’re nervous, but you’re doing fantastic.

Earn the Smooth Talker Badge

After you get your money from Dex talk to him again.

Offer to photograph the neighbors for the photospread.

Photo Spread

Now, when you look out the window in your room you will have a Snap photos for Dex? option. Selecting this option will load film into the camera so that you can take pictures of girls. You need to take pictures of three different girls and they can’t be “action” shots, think shower time.

  • Bethe, left building, second floor, far right window
  • Jane / June, right building, second floor, far right window
  • Zoe, left building, second floor, far left window

The Notepad – Part 1

There is a Notepad in your bedroom that will guide you along in the game. If you feel stuck read the Notepad.

Spend some time meeting the neighbors.

The courtyard is a good place to meet your neighbors. There are three different views of the courtyard that you navigate by clicking the arrow buttons on the sides of the screen. Talk to all of the people you meet.

Peep out the window and watch Bethe dance.

Left Building, Second Floor, Right Apartment, Left Window. You will need to click on the silhouette to watch her dance.

Peep out the window and watch Bethe shower.

Left Building, Second Floor, Right Apartment, Right Window. As with the dancing you will need to click on the silhouette to see her in the shower.

Consider practicing guitar. You learn a skill and pass the time.

Practice the guitar ten (10) times to earn the Guitar Hero Badge.

Discover June to open up the Bethe storyline. Keep interacting with Jane in various ways to get there.

Jane and June are identical twins. Jane is in the courtyard first thing in the morning and June is in the courtyard later in the day. June’s conversation topics are fewer than Jane’s. Continue talking to them until you talk to June and have an option to Take her home. Then next morning talk to Jane and suggest you Have fun at my place. You will be awarded a Demon point and get a slap from Jane. Talk to Jane again the next morning and ask her Do you have an identical twin sister? You will get a clue. Meet June in the afternoon and say You’re June, not Jane, am I right?

Get Polly to model at Dex’s studio.

You’ll need to help Polly in the garden and in her apartment to increase her trust in you. Once Polly trusts you ask her to Model and then meet her at the Photo Shop. You need to clean up the photo studio from the last person.

  • Pick up the Whip
  • Pick up the St. Andrew’s Cross

Select these options to get Polly to strip completely.

  • What a terrific pose to start with.
  • I bet Kip would have loved the idea of you posing for the magazines.
  • There’s going to be a lot of young men fawning over you, if this makes the magazine.
  • I could get lost in those eyes.
  • Were you a model before we met, and didn’t tell me?

After you’re done with the shoot Polly will tell you she got excited by the shoot. You will have these three options. I recommend the St. Andrews Cross if you’re interested because you can do the regular scene in the apartment any time, you will have to come back to the photo studio to do the cross.

  • Offer to put Polly on the St. Andrews Cross. – Polly S&M scene
  • Offer sex. – Go back to Polly’s place for scene
  • Leave.

Get Jane to model at Dex’s studio.

  • Keep talking and helping Jane until you have the Model option.
  • Meet Jane at Dex’s studio for the shoot.

Select these option to get Jane to strip completely.

  • Thanks for doing this. You’re a brave woman.
  • Spanish?
  • A bit snooty, ever since she got famous.
  • You may be book smart…
  • Honestly, your tits and ass.
  • At the moment? No.
  • I’ll bet you are more beautiful than your sister.
  • I bet your sister would have stripped completely naked by now.
  • Think about the way you want to come across in print.
  • Last round! Give me everything you got!

Get Butch on my good side.

After you had sex with Zoe and he came up the next morning to punch you in the face, you need to talk to Butch. Leave. Things between you and Butch remain unsettled.

Select either of these and Butch will tell you that he and Zoe have an open marriage and gives you the okay to take Zoe to your apartment whenever you want.

  • Butch, I want to apologize about Zoe.
  • Zoe lied to me.

Get Rita to model at Dex’s studio.

  • This is a very long chain.
  • Ask about modeling.
  • You can pick either answer, Rita tells you it doesn’t matter you’ll have to blackmail her father.
  • I wouldn’t hurt a fly.
  • Once he gets to know me…
  • Talk to Rita’s father on Monday or Tuesday morning. (Second floor across from you, left door)
  • Ask Polly Do you know Gregory Stones?
  • Mr. Stones invited her to the Paradise Naturist Club now open
  • After you talk to Clara and find out that Greg swings both ways talk to Butch and ask for his help
  • Butch will ask what’s in it for him.
  • You can pick any answer, Butch wants you to owe him a favor
  • Karma
  • Twenty Bucks
  • What do you want?
  • Go to Paradise Naturist Club and make sure Greg is on the beach.
  • Go back to the courtyard and tell Butch you’re ready
  • Go to your room and grab your camera
  • Go to the Paradise Naturist Club
  • Get undressed
  • Go to the Beach
  • Go look for Butch and Greg in the woods (you won’t find them)

PNC Forrest

  • Repeat the process a second time and you will get the picture.
  • Have Dex develop the pictures.
  • Pick up the pictures from Dex the next day.
  • Show the pictures to Greg.

When the maid comes to clean, ask her about Gregory Stones before she leaves for the day.

Talk to Clara when she comes to clean and ask What do you know about Gregory Stones. – You get a Clue

Go talk to Freddie Felix at The Top Hat Club.

  • You want to have your Guitar Hero Badge before you go to the club.
  • After you have the Guitar Hero Badge go to the Top Hat club after 6.
  • Talk to the manager, Freddie Felix – Get a clue
  • If you play the guitar in the band successfully (see Mini games), Felix will answer your questions.
  • Otherwise you need to get pictures of Zoe.
  • Talk to Zoe by the mailboxes.
  • Would you at least audition? – Zoe refuses
  • Ask to take photos – Zoe says she’ll leave the curtains open and maybe you’ll see something
  • Catch Zoe walking naked through the kitchen and take the pictures
  • Take the film to Dex to be developed
  • Pick up the pictures the next day at the Photo shop
  • Take the pictures to Felix, after 6, at the Top Hat club

Have sex at The Top Hat Club, by playing well for the band.

You will not get this if you played guitar at the Top Hat the first time you talk to Freddie. Successfully play guitar at the Top Hat club and select the Girl as your reward.

Try to help Bethe find a new job (go to the Top Hat and talk to Freddie).

  • Talk to Freddie at the Top Hat club after 6.
  • Hey, I know a girl that might make for a great dancer here.
  • Freddie needs nudes of Bethe before he will consider her for the job.

Do a photoshoot with Bethe for Freddie

  • Talk to Bethe
  • Tell about Top Hat opportunity.
  • Bethe doesn’t trust you enough yet.
  • Ask about Bethe
  • And if it’s any consolation, you have a new friend in me. – Award Angel Point
  • Maybe you should work on your social skills – Award Demon Point
  • Talk to June
  • Introduce Bethe
  • Go to Bethe’s apartment, left building, second floor, right door (2B)
  • Return to June in the courtyard

Check on June and Beth from your window in the evening. Go to Bethe’s apartment, left building, second floor, right door (2B). Tell June to Invite me inside, already. – You get a clue

  • Talk to Bethe the next morning
  • Finding Models for me and Dex. – You get a clue
  • Talk about June
  • Talk about Top Hat opportunity.
  • Smoothtalk her, you silver-tonged cad. (If you have the Smoothtalker Badge)
  • Think of the money. – You won’t get paid.
  • Think of your career.
  • Give her the harsh truth.
  • Go gentle. – You won’t get paid

Take Bethe’s portfolio to Freddie at the Top Hat.

  • Talk to Freddie at the Top Hat after 6.
  • I have Bethe’s portfolio here.

Get Bethe and take her to the Top Hat to audition.

  • Talk to Bethe in the courtyard after 6 to bring her to the Top Hat.
  • Are you ready to audition at the Top Hat?
  • Go to the Top Hat and talk to Freddie
  • Play guitar while Bethe dances.

The Notepad – Part 2

Maybe you have some information you can share with the police. Use the phone.

  • Use the phone to call the Police.
  • Amanda will be right over.
  • Did you know the victim was involved with the mafia.

You should visit Gretta again sometime. When you see her from the window, hop on over to her place.

  • You have to actually click on the window to see her so that she will answer the door when you knock.
  • How are you, Gretta?
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Hove you ever considered modeling?
  • No matter what you pick she will need to think about it.
  • Nudes.
  • Whatever you like.
  • I promise it will be tasteful.
  • Gretta will ask you for your help.
  • Debate this. – Award Demon Point
  • Agree with Gretta. – Award Angel Point

You can either do the logic puzzle or cheat and skip this challenge.

Gretta will offer you a reward.

Here is the solution for the puzzle.

Find Anita Stillwell at Paradise University.

  • Talk to Sandra Beaver
  • Nevermind
  • It mean I want to ♥♥♥♥ you! – Award Demon Point and you won’t find out about Anita
  • Sandra tells you to come by the University before the evening to find Anita
  • Talk to Anita
  • Can I come back some other time? (LEAVE)

You need to flatter Anita with the right words, in the right order. Ask around for tips.

Mini Games

There are a number of mini games, most can be skipped, others cannot.

Playing Guitar at the Top Hat Club

You can talk to Freddie Felix, manager of the Top Hat club to see if he needs you to play guitar.

You have a choice of Easy or Hard mode. In Easy Mode the board and buttons are bigger. Unfortunately you can only see that the dot is smaller in Hard mode, in the game the board is about half the size also. Both pay the same, $10. You have to click on 20 of the dots to finish. If you do a good job the first time you meet Freddie you will receive $10 and girl in the back room. In the future you will have your choice of $10 or the girl. (You can relive the scene with the girl from the Post Penny Board in your room).



Gretta’s Logic Problem

Gretta will present you with a logic problem. She gave gifts to all the girls last year and can’t remember who go what. They were all given a book also. You have to determine from the clues: What each girl wanted, what each girl received, and what book went with what gift. Here is the solution.


And that’s all for this Paradise Lofts guide. We would like to thank Kilroy for creating such amazing guide for this game.

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