Patrician IV – Expedition Map and Goods Trading

This guide will be covering the possible trade locations in Patrician IV. In addition, discover the expedition map details before launching an expedition.

Expedition Map

Patrician IV Expedition Map

The numbers in white indicate the distance of the location from the main sea map. This determines how long the voyage to that location will take, dependant on the speed of the convoy.

The possible trading locations are split up into five regions, each with five possible locations. Each region will have exactly one trading location present, with which one of the five is selected being random in each game.

This means there will be five trading locations present in each game.

Goods Traded by Region

Patrician IV Trades

The first good listed is the primary and is usually purchased/sold in greater quantities. Goods are also traded in that order. If the convoy’s holds were filled with the secondary good before being sent, this can result in situations where insufficient quantities are sold to allow for the purchase of Wine/Cloth, as space will have already been filled with Spices.

Thus it is wise to leave some free cargo space when sending an expedition and carrying a mix of both cargoes.

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