Peaks of Yore Achievements Walkthrough Guide

This is a fairly simple guide detailing how to get every achievement. This is my first guide, so it might be a bit rough, but I think I can do this. There doesn’t really need to be a guide like this because the achievements are mostly straightforward, but I’m going to give it a shot anyway. Let me know where I can improve.

Summit Achievements

Notice: For the sake of consistency. Anything that is considered a hidden achievement by Steam will be put in spoiler text.

Novice Climber, Competent Climber, Proficient Climber, and Cragsman

Summit 5, 10, 15, and 20 Fundamental peaks.

Crimp Competent and Bouldering Expert

Summit 5 and 10 Intermediate Boulders.

Some people recommend that you use coffee on these, but they are definitely possible without it.

Walker’s Pillar, Great Goal, Elden Horn, St. Haelga, and Ymir’s Shadow (including Harnessed)

These achievements are obtained by reaching the summit of each respective Advanced mountain without the safety harness. As of a recent update, you should also get the five achievements for climbing them with the Safety Harness if you summit them without it. Naturally, that does not work the other way around.

OAS Member and Great Gales Mountaineer

OAS Member is achieved when you’ve reached the summit of roughly 33 peaks. This triggers the game’s first ending. Great Gales Mountaineer is achieved for reaching the top of all 20 fundamental peaks, all 10 intermediate boulders, and all 5 advanced mountains.The Great Bulwark of the North and the Solemn Tempest (including Harnessed)

These achievements are obtained by climbing the last two Expert mountains. I highly recommend that on your first time climbing to the top of the Solemn Tempest, you use the safety harness. You won’t get the other Solemn Tempest achievement, but you will get a good idea at how long and hard this level really is. (It took me eight hours on my successful attempt, but other people claim that it’s doable in around 4-6 hours).Pioneering Summiteer and OAS President

These achievements are obtained by reaching the top of every single peak in the game and watching the game’s second ending.More haste, less speed & Friendly Summits

These achievements are fairly simple. Talk to the respective character on Walter’s Crag and Walker’s Pillar and agree to climb with them. They’ll eventually climb ahead of you and wait at the summit, but you won’t get the achievement until you meet them there.

Collectible Achievements

Family of Mountaineers

This one requires you to collect all of the pieces of the torn photograph. There are five of them in total. Three of them are hidden on the fundamental peaks while the other two on the advanced mountains. I know that some people enjoy finding these things themselves, so I won’t go any further from that. Just know that you will be well rewarded for doing this.

Magpie of the Great Gales

For this one, you must grab every single collectible in the game. (Yes, even the annoying one on Leaning Spire). The game provides you with a map that tells you how many collectibles are on a peak next to the peak’s name, so I don’t really need to point out anything more.

Keen Sight

This one requires you to use your monocular to spot mermaids in the background. There are seven of these spread out across the fundamental peaks. There’s only one per peak with the exception of the Lighthouse which has two. All of the mermaids can be spotted from the ground except for the two at the Lighthouse and the one at the end of Land’s End. The game lets you know that you’ve gotten these with a little jingle, but beyond that, these don’t do anything outside of the achievement.

Free Solo Achievements

This is where things get a bit interesting because not every Free Solo achievement requires you to be in Free Solo mode.

Advanced Free Soloist and

Expert Free SoloistThese achievements require you to reach the summit of all of the advanced and

expertpeaks without using any ropes. Unlike the other free solo achievements, you can get these two in the normal mode, so there’s no need to worry about permadeath.

Walker’s Pillar, Great Goal, Eldenhorn, St. Haelga, and Ymir’s Shadow (Free Solo)

These are individual achievements that very specifically require you to be in You Fall, You Die mode. You have to climb the individual advanced mountains without any rope and without falling once. If you fall, you’re going straight back to the fundamentals. In theory, Free Solo mode should also work for getting these achievements.

Great Bulwark (Free Solo), Legendary Free Soloist, and Death Defier

Great Bulwark (Free Solo) is fairly simple. You just got to reach the top without using any ropes. However, Legendary Free Soloist and Death Defier are more interesting. Legendary Free Soloist requires you to reach the top of the Solemn Tempest without any ropes, but you can still use the Bivouac (which is a one time checkpoint that you can save and quit from). Death Defier is pretty much the same, but you can’t use the bivouac. Naturally, all of these require you to be in at least You Fall, You Die mode.Expert Cragsman, Grand Master, Alpine Master, and Living Legend (Free Solo Mode)

These achievements require you to, very specifically, be in Free Solo mode (which means no ropes, no coffee, no chalk, no nothing). The first two require you to complete all of the Fundamental and Advanced peaks in this mode. The third one requires you

to complete both the Great Bulwark and the Solemn Tempest in this mode.The last one requires you to summit every peak in this mode. This mode is also permadeath, so if you fall once, you have to redo everything.

Other Achievments

Here’s all of the remaining achievements that don’t fit in the other categories.

Don’t Be Hasty and Lofty Ambitions

Take a big fall 50 and 100 times. You’ll know you’ve taken a big fall if your character keels over and the screen goes black. This is the same type of fall that kills you permanently in You Fall, You Die mode and Free Solo mode. You should get these naturally as you play the game.

Bad luck to kill a sea bird!

Slap a sea bird 50 times. This is fairly simple. Keep one hand on a handhold, anger a sea bird, and use your other hand to whack it when it comes to peck your hands off. There’s a high chance that you’ll get this naturally.

One Hold Short of Madness

Reach the summit of every peak in You Fall, You Die mode. Thankfully, you’re allowed to use ropes for this one. However, you can not use the safety harness at all. Also, falling too far while attached to a rope will apparently kill you, so keep that in mind.

Rapid Summiteer, Fleet-footed Boulderer, Pinnacle Chaser, and The Great Gales Sender

Beat the time records on every mountain. There are also handhold and rope records, but you do not need to beat those. Only the time records need to be completed. There is a high chance that if you activate the pocketwatch before the intermediate boulders that you’ll get most of them automatically just by clearing them. There’s also a small possibility on the other peaks as well, so once you get the pocketwatch, it’s generally a good idea to keep it on so you can compare how long it took to how fast you need to be. It’ll reset whenever you hit the ground, but any ropes that are still in the mountain will be automatically counted toward the rope record. Generally, coming back with the gear you get later in the game will help you breeze through all of the fundamentals and a decent chunk of the advanced.

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