Pekoe Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

A developer-created guide to Pekoe gameplay basics.


As the newest resident and teahouse owner in town, you’ll learn everything there is to tea.

Learn new rituals and tea-making styles to make an endless combination of recipes. Build relationships with the townsfolk, and visit their teahouses to purchase exclusive teaware and ingredients.



Tea Making

Keyboard Controls


  • WASD – Pan camera
  • Left/Right Arrow Keys – Rotate Camera
  • Up/Down Arrow Keys – Zoom Camera


  • Space/Enter Key – Continue
  • Left/Right Arrow Keys – Select Response

Tips & Clarifications

General Clarifications

  • Make sure to save at least once, in order to select a save slot and begin auto-saving at the end of each day! Saving can be found in the Journal menu (gear button, top right corner of screen) > Options Panel (gear icon ribbon-toggle) > Click an Empty Save File
  • Tutorial Mode (accessible from the “Tutorials” button in the Start Menu) is intended for replaying tutorials, for players who may want a reminder. We recommend starting with a New Game to play the tutorials in context first!

I can’t add an ingredient to a cup.

If you try dropping an ingredient into a cup, but it just disappears, there are a few possible reasons why:

  • The cup is full. Try clicking and holding with your cursor on a cup to gradually remove any tea or water.
  • There are too many ingredients in the cup. There is a limit of three “grabbable” ingredients per cup (such as teabags, fruit slices, etc.) so try taking out some ingredients if you’d like to swap some out.
  • The cup has an infuser basket on it. Some ingredients can’t be added to a cup that has an infuser basket already on it.

I can’t add an infuser basket to a cup.

At the moment, infuser baskets cannot be added to cups that already contain “grabbable” ingredients. This is to prevent issues with adding infuser baskets to cups that already have teabags or infuser balls in them, but unfortunately prevents adding infuser baskets to cups that already contain smaller grabbable ingredients, such as herbs or fruit. For now, try removing any ingredients already in a cup before adding an infuser basket.

I’m not getting any customers at my shop.

There should be a chance of a new customer or resident at the change of each hour. If you are still not seeing any customers, please send us a bug report.

I’m all out of ingredients.

You can buy more ingredients at any of the shops! Check the Residents section (heart ribbon) of the Journal Menu for more info on when the shops are open. Each shop’s inventory should refresh every day.

Tea Making

Tea Making is the central gameplay mechanic of Pekoe. With endless combinations of ingredients and teaware, you can craft all sorts of different cups of tea, both for you and for the residents of the town.

Most tea is made by adding ingredients and hot water to a teacup, and then either presenting it to a cat, or drinking it yourself. Ingredients are consumed when making tea, but you can by more ingredients with beans in other residents’ shops and earn beans by making tea for customers!

In Story mode, there are three main ways to make tea:

  • Solo Tea Making: Make tea for yourself by clicking the tea table in your bedroom or shop. Practice perfecting your skills, or experiment to discover new recipes. While you may not get Friend Points or Beans making tea for yourself, you’ll still obtain Tea Points, as well as First Cup of the Day bonus!
  • Resident Request: Some residents will visit you at your bedroom window, for a cup of tea and a chat. This is an opportunity to improve your friendship with them, if you make tea based on things they ask for that (Whims) or tea that satisifies their unique tastes that you can look up in your journal menu (Preferences)
  • Customer Order: Both residents and generic NPCs will come to your teashop, to order a specific recipe, or make a request based on a general whim. This is where you can earn Beans, the currency of the game, to buy more ingredients!

If you’d like to experiment without using up your hard-earned ingredients, you can access Freeplay Mode from the Start Menu, where all of the teaware and ingredients are already unlocked for you!

There are a few different types of tea, and some of them require special equipment.

  • Tea Bags: No special equipment necessary, just click the lid of a tea bag box to grab one, and drop it in!
  • Loose Leaf: Use an Infuser Basket or Infuser Ball to hold the loose leaf tea while it steeps. The tea comes in a container with a scoop included, to add the tea to an infuser.
  • Powdered Tea: This tea is scooped directly into a cup or bowl, but you’ll need a whisk to properly stir it.
  • Blooming Tea: These larger bulbs need to be placed in a Teapot to steep, before the tea can be poured into a cup.

Other ingredients, like sugar, milk, and toppings, can also come in a variety of forms:

    • Grabbable Ingredients: Like tea bags, these can be grabbed from a container and dropped directly into a cup. Once they’ve been steeped for a bit, they can be clicked to remove them. Other examples include some types of fruits, herbs, and flowers.
      • Due to the size of some grabbable ingredients, there is currently a limit of 3 in a cup at a time!
    • Dissolvable Ingredients: Like tea bags and grabbable ingredients, these can be grabbed from a container and dropped directly into a cup. These can’t be taken out, however, and just dissolve into the liquid. Examples include sugar cubes, and some types of toppings.
    • Scooped Ingredients: Like loose leaf tea, these come with scoops, but are added directly to cups (no infusers needed!) Some of these, like powders, will dissolve into the tea immediately. Other scooped ingredients, like flower petals, will be seen in your cup of tea.
  • Liquid Ingredients: Like milk and cream, these ingredients are already in liquid form, and can be poured directly into your cup, from a creamer or bottle.

Ingredients can’t be added to a cup that is too full of other ingredients or water.

Click and hold while your cursor is over a cup to gradually remove water!

If you’d like to know more about what’s in your cup, like the steep time or brew temperature, you can Right Click a cup to learn more!

Loose Leaf Tea is pretty unique among ingredients, because they need to be used with Infusers. There are currently two types of infusers:

  • Infuser Baskets are picked up and then attached to the top of a cup. Then players can grab a scoop of tea from a loose leaf tea tin, and click the infuser to add the tea (up to three scoops!). Once the tea is ready, pour in some hot water to let it steep.
    • Infuser baskets can’t be added to cups that already contain grabbable ingredients, due to the size of some of these grabbable ingredients. You can still combine these ingredients, by steeping the loose leaf tea in an infuser basket, then removing the basket to add other ingredients.
    • Similiarly, other ingredients can’t be added to a cup while an infuser basket is attached.
  • Infuser Balls are generated with loose leaf tea already inside, and can be picked up and dropped directly into a cup like teabags. When the infuser ball is removed, the steeped tea inside automatically disappears, and the infuser ball is empty. Once it’s empty, an infuser ball can have more tea added to it with a scoop from a loose leaf tea tin, before the infuser ball is added to another cup.

Residents & Friendship

Pekoe is filled with residents for you to get to know, over conversations and cups of tea.

Each resident has Friend Points that you can increase and decrease, by having special conversations with them, or by making tea that they like or dislike during Resident Requests

Remember, there’s a limit to the amount of Resident Requests you can get in one day, so you may need to wait for or skip ahead to the next day for more Resident Requests and opportunities to increase Friend Points!

Similarly, there’s a limit to the number of special Friendship-Altering conversations you can have with each cat per day. In the meantime, you can still talk to some other cats to improve your friendship with them as you wait for the following day.

As you gain Friend Points, you’ll also increase the Friend Level with each resident! Once you reach certain Friend Levels (marked by the different coloured hearts in the Resident Panel of the Journal Menu), you’ll unlock a special cutscene with each cat. This cutscene should trigger automatically the next time you visit them at their house.

Unfortunately, not every resident has Friend Levels and cutscenes available at this time. You’ll see these residents’ Friend Level progress bars are greyed out.

Tea Points & Town Levels

By making tea, you gain Tea Points, represented by the progress bar with the flower icon in your Journal Menu, as well as the UI that drops down from the top-center area of your screen. Tea Points contribute to the overall wellbeing of your town, in the form of Town Levels, and can unlock new features, such as decorating your bedroom.

Currently, there are 5 town levels available. Once you’ve gained enough Tea Points to reach the next Town Level, the changes will apply overnight. You also won’t be able to gain more Tea Points in the meantime, so make sure to go to bed to get to that next level! In the morning, you’ll see a short cutscene to celebrate your progress.

After reaching Town Level 5 and viewing the cutscene at the Tea Tree, make sure you go visit Mayor Pambeh at his office to mark your completion of the story! Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to make tea and explore your relationships with residents of the town.

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