Penguin Park 3D Achievement Walkthrough

In this guide, I will provide instructions on how to unlock all achievements in Penguin Park 3D. Penguin Park 3D is a game from the Sokpop S04 series, where your objective is to successfully breed 10 penguins within a span of 10 days to avoid losing your job.


Penguin Playground

Own 3 penguins

Penguin Park

Own 5 penguins

Penguin Park Palooza

Own 10 penguins

Part of the job

Clean up penguin poop

To begin, activate the red valve located on the right side of the machine. Once activated, pick up the hose that becomes accessible.

Penguin provocation

Provoke a penguin

Use the hose on a penguin until they fall over.

Crunchy herring

Buy a golden herring

This action requires $3 from the machine.

Penguin Doctor

Cure a penguin

When a penguin becomes sick, often due to a dirty environment, administer medicine to them.

Penguin Party

Put a party hat on a penguin

Purchase a party hat and click it onto a penguin.

Not a banger

Turn off the music

Simply grab the jukebox and throw it into the water.

Penguin Park PETA

Get your park shutdown

If a penguin remains sick for more than a few seconds, your park will shut down and you will lose the game.

Get rich quick

Have 100$ in your bank account

It is easier and more manageable to handle fewer penguins. Focus on cleaning the environment regularly and only feed them when their hunger level is below 50%. Additionally, encourage them to perform tricks continuously. By following this strategy, one player managed to accumulate $100 just before day 4 with only 3 penguins.

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