People Playground Beginner’s Robotics Guide and Tips

This guide contains fundamental knowledge of robotics in the PPG game.


Hi, This guide is written to familiarize people with robotics. There are no guides on this topic, so this guide is quite useful.


Robotics is an applied science dealing with the development of automated technical systems and is the most important technical basis for the development of production.

Android is a humanoid robot or synthetic organism designed to look and act like a human. Such a robot may be equipped with organs of biological origin or other organs that are not inferior in functionality and appearance.

Electricity– A form of energy caused by the motion of particles of matter.

Electromagnetic Pulse(EMP) – A short-term burst of electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic interference caused by an EMP can disrupt communications and damage electronic equipment.

Turret – a mount for mounting machine guns or small caliber automatic cannons.

Android anatomy

Androids are many times stronger and more resilient than humans, they don’t take stabbing blows and can handle explosions well, which makes them ideal bomb squads. But still there are significant disadvantages that narrow the range of spheres of activity where androids can be used:

– Weakness to external contact with electricity;
– Weakness to water;
– Vulnerability to electromagnetic pulses (EMP);
– Vulnerability to cold.
An android consists of 14 body parts:
– 1 head;
– 3 parts of the torso;
– 2 arm parts(each side);
– 2 legs;
– 2 feet.

The android also consists of: oil, plating, and skeleton.

The android contains: 6 liters of oil.

Standard internal temperature: 47°C.

Standard external temperature: 43°C

All androids have the same height: 2.18 meters.

The weight of an android is: 250 kilograms

There are 3 main components in an android, not counting the body:

– Brain[(in the head)
– Heart[(in the head)
– Oil duplicator(whole body)

The body can’t work without the head as the head houses the heart and brain at the same time:

Oil duplicator is a device that can duplicate in infinite amount of oil(hello law of conservation of energy). In android oil duplicators are in every part of the body, it helps android to recover its oil loss if any.

I couldn’t find out the maximum weight the android can support, but it’s definitely 150t>.

-41°C is the outside temperature for gradual shutdown of the systems.

good resistance to high temperatures. I have not been able to detect a critically high temperature to destroy the robot, it can withstand exactly 2000°C>.

4 parameters

Android has 4 parameters like human in inspect: consciousness, shock, oxygen, adrenaline.

This is very interesting, because the android has all 4 parameters that only living beings have. Given that the robot also has consciousness, I can assume that they are also considered to be alive, aware of themselves and feel pain, they also bend like humans when shocked when the level of shock reaches 50%>.

Android damage in the inspect tab:

  • Dead – death of a limb.
  • Bleeding – insufficient data. Oil loss occurs when there is no outer shell, but this does not show as bleeding in inspect.
  • Internal Bleeding – can be caused by a blunt blow.
  • Numb – can be caused by blunt force trauma. When numb, the android is in a kind of unconscious state, he cannot control his body, but he is conscious. Numbness repairs itself.
  • Dismembered – I think it’s pretty clear here.
  • Heart Stopped – this malfunction is caused by contact with electricity, water, prolonged cold or a very strong blow.
  • Brain-dead –  the brain or computer stops functioning in the android. It is possible to restore brain function.


When dying and separating the head from the body it is relaxed, but if you beat it with a wrench, the limbs try to straighten as much as possible and try to raise the angle of the limb, I think this is due to reflexes.

If the android does not create sparks it will produce oil, if there is too little or if there is any liquid other than oil inside it will cause it to malfunction, which sometimes causes it to revive itself through current if enough oil is produced.

The android’s functionality can be restored thanks to a wrench, as long as the android has an outer skin and as long as the body is connected to the body. The head can also work without the body.


Sentry Turret

The Clock Turret is a metal object that shoots bullets at “anything that appears to be alive” (humans, androids, and highlanders), and can also be activated by pressing F.

It consists of four parts:
– The back leg.
– Front leg.
– Turret.
– Barrel.

The Sentry Turret starts firing rapidly when tipped over. The green beam on the barrel disappears and it is deactivated after that. It can also be disabled by EMP.

The maximum angle for firing is 45° up and 45° down.

Ceiling Turret

The Ceiling Turret is similar to a regular clock turret, except that it is placed on the ceiling. It aims and fires automatically at all living things as long as the creature is alive or a certain part of its body is alive, and it also scrolls automatically.

Consists of two parts:
– Turret.
– Barrel.

The range of the ceiling turret.

Destroyed ceiling turret.

Laser Sentry Turret

The Laser Sentry Turret is similar to all the previous ones, but has two differences: it rotates 360°and it shoots lasers instead of bullets.

After a shot is fired, it takes one second to fire the next shot.

Consists of two parts:
– Turret.
– Barrel.

The surface of the turret has an interesting property, to reflect rays.

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