Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 Strikers – Best Friend Achievement/Trophy Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can obtain the achievement/trophy called Best Friend in Persona 5 Strikers.

  • Best Friend
    Maxed out a BOND skill level.

Best Friend Achievement/Trophy Guide

Doing most things in the game will make you a Bond XP, but maxing Bond skills will require a bit of grinding. There are two main ways you can grind for Bond XP:

  • Slow way, but available to you earlier in the game: Uou can visit the Fortune Stall and draw your fortunes for a random amount of Bond XP reward. For example, in Sendai, there’s a Fortune Stall right next to the shrine at Mt. Aoba Park, you can make a fortune for 100 yen and get a random Bond XP reward of either 300, 900, or 2400 XP. After drawing your fortune, leave and go back to the place to do it again.
  • The recommended way for the quickest XP grind: Once you obtain the “Angels of Contracts Descends” Metatron Request in the final jail, you can grind it repeatedly. Make sure you fuse a Persona with a powerful Curse ability to speed up the fight.