Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 Strikers PC Keyboard Controls And Shortcuts

Planning to play Persona 5 Strikers? If yes, then you should get yourself familiar with the Persona 5 Strikers keyboard controls to make things easier in the game. Below is the complete list of controls for Persona 5 Strikers on PC.

Please note that these are the default Persona 5 Strikers PC keyboard controls and you have the option to customize them.

Persona 5 Strikers Control


Move Forward W
Move Backward S
Move Left A
Move Right D
Walk Right Shift
Menu/Skip 2
Map 1
Lock-On E
Auto (Dialogue) O
Move Camera Left J
Move Camera Right L
Move Camera Back K


Standard Attack B
Special Attack/Ambush H
Phantom Dash/All-Out Attack/Interact N
Phantom Dash (Shortcut) 3
All-Out Attack (Shortcut) 4
Showtime H+N
Jump Space
Summon Persona Left Ctrl
Gun/Reset Camera Left Shift
Dodge/Dash Left Alt
Third Eye Tab
Baton Pass Up X
Baton Pass Left Z
Batton Pass Right C
Auto-Recovery V
Showtime (Shortcut) T


Confirm Space
Cancel N
Save/Fast Forward H
Log B
Toggle Control R1 Left Ctrl
Toggle Control R2 Left Alt
Toggle Control L1 Left Shift
Toggle Control L2 Tab
Move Cursor Up X
Move Cursor Down V
Move Cursor Left X
Move Cursor Right C

And that’s all for this Persona 5 Strikers control guide. Did we miss something? Make sure to let us know in the comments below.