Phasmophobia – Beginner’s Ghost Hunting Guide

This guide will be covering the basic steps on how you can easily find ghosts in Phasmophobia. Read on to learn the steps, basic requirements, and other important details when ghost hunting in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia Ghost Hunting Guide

Phasmophobia is a game where you determine what ghost is in the building it is a very fun game but get a spare change of underwear because this game can give you heart attacks.


Every round you should always grab the key to the house and a thermometer, flashlight, and an item of your choice to gather evidence.

Entering a House

When you enter the house you should always start to walk around the house with the thermometer to scan for the ghost room. The average temperature is 15 to 16 degrees celsius a ghosts room is about 12 or below (note) the temp can be lower than zero. Also, the ghost room can be the upstairs, downstairs basement, or be in a hallway.


Encountering a Ghost

When you find a ghost room the first thing you should do is put down you spirit book or whatever you brought with you and go back to the truck then you want to grab cameras if not set up already then you should start to grab things to get evidence.


Spirit Box

The spirit box is a radio that allows you to talk to the ghost you can ask it any question that’s game-related so how old are you or are you a child the questions have to be simple not like do you like a weed. if the if it says no response then you asked it a question it understood but didn’t respond if it responds it will show the response on the spirit box.

Video Camera

The video camera is a camera you set up in the ghost room to check for ghost orbs, not all ghost have ghost orbs but the camera can also look for the ghosts on the camera.

Photo Camera

The photo camera is the camera you use to take photos of bones dirty water ghosts ext for evidence.

Ouija Board

Sometimes you can find a Ouija board and the ghost will interact with it if you ask it questions not all ghosts will answer to it and the board has to be dropped on the floor on the surface if the ghost interacts with it the board will light up and the triangle will move like the spirit box the question have to be relevant.

UV Light

UV light is like a flashlight but the difference is it can find fingerprints.


Items for Ghost Removal

  • Smudge sticks cleanse the area where the ghost is.
  • Crucifix prevents the ghost from entering a certain area (Note) has to be on the floor.
  • A lighter can light the smudge sticks and give off light.

Items to Gather Evidence

  • The ghostwriting book can be used to gather evidence.
  • Salt can track the ghosts footprints for evidence.


Your journal is where you list your information to figure out the ghost that’s the aye of the game you can access your journal by pressing J.


Ghost Orbs

Ghost orbs can be found on the camera they have green dots on the screen when there’s no one around.


EMF Reader

The EMF reader detects the activity of the ghost 5 being active 1 being not active

Hunting Phase

Some time in the game the ghost will hunt you and try to kill you you will know its hunting by looking at you light if it starts hunting it will flash you should be able to outrun it but some ghost you will not be able to outrun so hide and turn off your flashlight a crucifix will help you during hunting

Activity board

The activity board shows you how many items the ghost has interacted with the higher it is the more active the ghost is. This can help determine the ghost and how active it is

How to Earn Money

How you earn money is by completing the activity board in the truck. You can also find the name of the ghost there too. Another way you can earn money is taking pictures of your dead teammates YES YOU HEARD ME TAKING PICS OF YOUR DEAD TEAMMATES cause somehow that earns you money.

When You Die

If you die by the ghost your screen will look like a white hazy fog you cant do much but at least you wont have to worry about having a heart attack or running from ghosts.

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