Phoenix Point Controls and Shortcuts Guide

Phoenix Point

If you love strategy video games, Snapshot Games Inc. has the best game to offer. Phoenix Point is a turn-based strategy game where you fight against aliens and other mutants trying to conquer the world. You are one of the last remnants of mankind. Your goal is to fight these enemies and free the world.

However, it’s not an easy task to face off against these monsters. This is why you should equip yourself with the game’s basics before heading to battle. This page covers all the basic Phoenix Point controls that you need to know to help you get started.

Phoenix Point Controls

The game is currently available on PC and consoles. To start off this guide, here are the default Phoenix Point key bindings for PC. Note that you can remap these default controls in the settings section of the game.

Previous Soldier / Vehicle / Target[
Next Soldier / Vehicle / Target]
Show Game MenuEsc
Zoom InT
Zoom OutG
Confirm ActionSpacebar
Move Camera UpW
Move Camera DownS
Move Camera LeftA
Move Camera RightD
Select Previous AbilityN
Select Next AbilityM
Select Ready Item 11
Select Ready Item 22
Select Ready Item 33
Select Ready Item 44
Select Ready Item 55
Select Ready Item 66
Select Ready Item 77
Next Ready ItemX
End TurnBackspace
Activate AbilitySpacebar
Enter OverwatchV
Rotate Camera CounterclockwiseQ
Rotate Camera ClockwiseE
Floor Level Focus UpZ
Floor Level Focus DownC
Hide UIF2
Enter Shoot Mode / ShootF
Enter Free AimLeft Shift + F
Open InventoryI
Enter Standby ModeSpacebar
Change Overwatch Cone SizeLeft Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Scroll
Quick Move to LocationRight Mouse Button
Change Camera LocationLeft Mouse Button + Drag
Perform ActionLeft Mouse Button
Zoom OutMouse Wheel
Move Floor Level FocusMouse Wheel Scroll
Start / Stop Geoscape TimeSpacebar
Increase Geoscape Time Speed+
Decrease Geoscape Time Speed
Show LogBackspace
Friendly Weapon 1Q
Friendly Weapon 2W
Friendly ModuleE
Enemy Hull1
Enemy Weapon / Module 12
Enemy Weapon / Module 23
Enemy Weapon / Module 34
Enemy Weapon / Module 45
Enemy Weapon / Module 56
Enemy Weapon / Module 67
Phoenix Point Controls

Be reminded that some of the listed key bindings above are fixed such as the Change Camera Location, Perform Action, and more.

As mentioned earlier, the game is also available on PlayStation and Xbox. This only means that PC players can also use gamepad controllers to play Phoenix Point on PC. Below, you can find the full in-game gamepad controls screenshot. Use it as a guide if you’re playing the game using a controller.

With all the listed Phoenix Point controls above, you’re now ready to start the battle and save humanity from extinction.

This concludes our Phoenix Point controls guide. In case we missed any important key controls of the game, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Good luck, soldier!