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Pixel Shooter Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can get the 100% achievement in Pixel Shooter. If you’re one of the completionists and want to add Pixel Shooter on your list, then this guide is for you.

Before we continue, please note that this guide may contain spoilers for the game. Continue reading at your own risk.

Pixel Shooter Achievement Guide

There’s a total of 5 achievements in Pixel Shooter. Below are the steps on how you can obtain them.

First Levels – Clear levels 1-4

  • These are very easy levels. I believe you can do it with just one try.

More Levels – Clear levels 5-9

  • You can pretty easily get away with dodging enemies and running for the exit.

Levels Dominated – Clear levels 10-14

  • Actually killing enemies becomes more important in this set, although you can usually kill enemies for half the level and then run for the exit.

Mastering Levels – Clear levels 15-19

  • For these ones, it tends to be faster in the long run to kill every enemy, isolating enemies to kill them as much as possible. Be sure to kill enemies while they are offscreen when you can. This also works for the flying enemies (especially in 17) if you jump up and down while holding L Shift. Don’t be afraid to backtrack to a platform that is safer to jump around on to kill enemies, especially flyers. Finding the exit on 19 is a bit tricky. Head up and to the right, jump to the right on a couple of long platforms, then drop down at the end of the long platform once you reach a series of cubes that descend. Head left over the spikes, jump to the far left wall, then jump down and to the right (there is a platform you can’t see).

Much time – Play Game For 1 Hour

  • Play the game for an hour. This is NOT total time played; it must be within a single play session. Just start the game and let it run for an hour; don’t minimize the window or try to do anything else. You can check the length of your current play session using the Steam overlay (Shift + Tab). Once it has been at least 61 minutes, close the game. This achievement does not seem to display while you are playing, but it should be there when you check Steam.

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