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Planet Zoo – Maximum Animals Per Habitat

Are you wondering how many species of animals you can put together to create a huge habitats in Planet Zoo? If your answer is yes, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we will be sharing you all the details that we know about the capacity of each habitat in Planet Zoo.

Habitats with various animals bring countless benefits: visitors love it, enrichment bonuses and help to save good money. We did several tests in sandbox mode to see what the maximum species that can live in perfect harmony.

To make it work, we made three habitat layouts: Savannah, Rainforest, and Temperate. Note that in cages of this size the ideal is to keep an eye on breeding and prioritize animals of the same sex or activate contraceptives, because if you have many animals (animals, not species) things can get out of control fast.

Savannah Habitat


  • You will need a terrain with approximately 8000 square meter.


  • 1 Ostrich
  • 3 African Buffalo
  • 3 Springbok
  • 3 African Elephant
  • 10 Flamingo
  • 2 Giraffe
  • 7 Wildebeest
  • 3 Hippopotamus
  • 1 Warthog
  • 1 Sable Antelope
  • 1 Aardvark
  • 3 Zebra
  • 5 Gemsbok
  • 2 Camel
  • 1 Nyala
  • 2 Kangaroo
  • 1 of both Tortoise

Note 1: Ostrich, buffalo, springbok, giraffe, wildebeest, sable antelope, zebra and warthog earn enrichment bonuses

Note 2: We don’t have the deluxe version, but probably Thomson’s Gazelle is suitable for this habitat as well.

The least well being was that of the camel with 94%, this is because both he and the Gemsbook require a large amount of sand, so as far as possible this is the best scenario:

Rainforest Habitat


  • The space required will be about 4000 square meter, which is relatively small for the amount of species you can put together.


  • 1 of both tapir
  • 1 Babirusa
  • 1 Bongo
  • 3 Indian Elephant
  • 1 Nyala
  • 3 of both Lemur
  • 1 Okapi
  • 1 Red Panda
  • 1 Pangolin
  • 1 Rhino
  • 1 Anteater
  • 2 Binturong
  • 4 Peafowl
  • 1 Cassowary
  • 1 Koala
  • 3 Bonobo
  • 5 Chimpanzee
  • 1 Orangutan
  • 3 Gorilla
  • 5 Mandrill
  • 8 Capuchin Monkey
  • 3 Proboscis Monkey

Note 1: Central American tapir, Anteater and Capuchin Monkey will earn enrichment bonuses.

Note 2: Indian Elephant, Malayan Tapir, Orangutan and Proboscis Monkey will earn enrichment bonuses.

Note 3: Ring Tailed Lemur and Red Ruffed Lemur will earn enrichment bonuses.

Note 4: I don’t have the deluxe version, but probably the Hippopotamus Pygmy will suit this habitat.

The minimum welfare will be 95%

Temperate Habitat


  • The space required will be about 2500 square meters.


  • 1 Pronghorn Antelope
  • 3 Bison
  • 3 Dall Sheep
  • 3 Seal
  • 2 Llama
  • 1 Giant Panda
  • 6 Penguin
  • 3 Reindeer

Note: Pronghorn Antelope and Bison will receive enrichment bonuses.

The minimum welfare will be 94%.

And that’s all for this Planet Zoo habitat guide. We would like to thank Rick Halen for this amazing Planet Zoo maximum habitat capacity guide.

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