PlayForm: Human Dynamics

PlayForm: Human Dynamics Controls and Shortcuts Guide

CodeHatch has officially released their newest experimental physics sandbox video game, PlayForm. In the game, you can simulate humans jumping, pushing, and more. It’s basically a game where you experience the next-gen physics.

There are lots of actions and activities that can be performed in PlayForm, which is why the developer has also included several key bindings for the game. In this guide, we will be showing you the full list of PlayForm key bindings and shortcuts.

PlayForm Controls

Before we get started, note that you can remap these default PlayForm controls. Simply go to the Controls tab in the settings section of the game. Make sure that you hit the Apply button to save the changes that you have made. To restore the default keys, the Default button is just one click away.

Let’s start this guide with the game’s default UI controls.

Close MenuEsc
Open MenuEsc
Menu ConfirmSpace
Menu CancelC
Menu YesY
Menu NoN
Menu Tab ForwardTab
Menu Tab BackwardShift + Tab
Open InventoryTab
Open InventoryCtrl + F
Hotbar 1-0Alpha 1-0
Multi Bar 1-12F1-F12
PlayForm UI Controls

Moving on, here are the game controls:

Slower Time ScaleMouse Wheel
Faster Time ScaleMouse Wheel
Screenshot ModePause
PlayForm Game Controls

For the movement, check out the details below:

Look DownMouse Y
Look UpMouse X
Look LeftMouse X
Look RightMouse X
Move BackwardS
Move ForwardW
StrafeStrafe Left
Strafe LeftA
Strafe RightD
CrouchLeft Ctrl
FlipLeft Alt
SprintLeft Shift
Super SpeedThumb Back
PlayForm Movement Controls

For the body actions, here are the default key bindings for the game.

Left HandLeft Mouse Button
Right HandRight Mouse Button
Camera ModeC
Change CharacterG
PlayForm Body Controls

For the tools:

Primary FireLeft Mouse Button
Primary FireRight Mouse Button
Throttle DownMouse Wheel Down
Throttle UpMouse Wheel Up
Motor reverseKP2
Motor ForwardKP8
Motor StopKP5
PlayForm Tools Controls

There are also some quick snaps that you need to remember. Here are the default keys for these actions.

Quick Surface SnapLeft Shift
Quick Grid SnapLeft Alt
Free RotateE
PlayForm Snap Controls

For the rotations, scale, and toolbar controls, check out the following details:

Rotate 90*
Rotate 90 CCW/
Increase Scale+
Decrease Scale
Open Tool SettingsI
Edit TransformT
Toggle Freeze ModeF
Toggle Collision ModeQ
Toggle Coordinate ModeY
Toggle Grid SnapG
Toggle Point SnapV
Toggle Surface SnapB
Toggle GuidesH
PlayForm Misc. Controls

For our remaining key bindings, these are the ropes controls for PlayForm.

Add RopeLeft Mouse Button
Remove / Cancel RopeRight Mouse Button
GrappleRight Mouse Button
Decrease Rope LengthMouse Scroll Wheel
Decrease Rope ThicknessMouse Scroll Wheel
Increase Rope LengthMouse Scroll Wheel
Increase Rope LengthMouse Scroll Wheel
Remove All RolesF
PlayForm Ropes Controls

With all the listed PlayForm key bindings above, you’re now ready to enter the game. Showcase your skills and tell us what you think about the physics that PlayForm is currently offering.

In case we missed any important key controls of the game, please don’t hesitate to let us know.