Pokemon GO: An Introduction To Buizel From The Generation 4 Pokemon

With the series of hints from Niantic, Generation 4 release to Pokemon GO is really getting close. So we want to help trainers getting familiar with the Pokemon from the Sinnoh Region. For a good start, we want to introduce the Water-type Pokemon Buizel.

Compared to the original RPG Pokemon game, Pokemon GO is far way different when evolving a Pokemon. For this reason, we are going to assume 50 Buizel candy will be needed to evolve Buizel to Floatzel. Players need to collect 50 Buizel candy to evolve Buizel into its second form.

As mentioned, Floatzel is the second stage of evolution and it does not evolve further within any Pokemon game or anime at this moment. While some Pokemon changed their type after an evolution, Floatzel remains to be a Water-type only Pokemon.

According to a report by RankedBoost, the second evolution Floatzel will have a max CP of 2270 in Pokemon GO. However, we still don’t have the official stats right now so it may change anytime once Generation 4 has been released. Floatzel is a water-type Pokemon and has the ability to resist Fire-type, Steel-type, Ice-type, and Water-type moves. However, it’s weak against Electric-type and Grass-type moves.

In our guess, Floatzel will most likely able to learn Water Gun and Splash as its fast moves in Pokemon GO. In addition, this Pokemon could also learn moves like Scald and Water Pulse as its charged moves. Water Gun would be the most effective fast moves as it will give 10 DPS and 10 EPS. Water Pulse would be the best charge move for Floatzel as it provides 21.88 DPS and 3.2 cool down.

Once Generation 4 Pokemon have been released, Floatzel may not become a powerhouse Pokemon, however, this Pokemon could be a good attacker for taking down gyms. If Buizel becomes a rare Pokemon in the wild or in an egg hatch, this will slowly become a choice for a Buddy Pokemon. While Floatzel could not stand against Legendary Kyogre in battles, it’s still a good addition to Pokemon GO when Generation 4 is released.