Pokemon GO Community Day #3 Features Bulbasaur on March 25

Following the initial report of the leaked details for the 3rd Community Day on March, Niantic finally confirmed and revealed that Bulbasaur will be the featured Pokemon in the 3rd Pokemon GO Community Day event.

The official Pokemon GO site has updated the upcoming Community Day event on March 25, featuring 3x bonus catch XP, 3-hour Lures and Bulbasaur with a special move.

As usual, Niantic has yet to reveal Bulbasaur’s special move, but it looks like that this move will be available when Bulbasaur has been evolved, similar to Dratini giving Draco Meteor to Dragonite.

Now, about the upcoming Community Day, if you think that is better to just TM a Venusaur and save candies, better stop don’t do that. It’s because TMs and Charged TMs will not grant exclusive move during the time where Community Day is active. To get the special move for this Pokemon, players have to catch or evolve the Pokemon that is featured during the event.

For some reasons, fans are not too excited for the next special Pokemon. Some of them are just looking forward to catching the shiny form of Bulbasaur. Although there’s a big chance that we will be getting a shiny form for this Pokemon just like what happened in the previous Community Day event, there’s a possibility that Niantic may not also release its shiny form. If that happens, Niantic might be doing a wrong move.

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