Pokemon GO Community Day #3 Features Bulbasaur With Special Move Frenzy Plant

On March 25, Pokemon GO will be celebrating the 3rd Community Day event featuring Bulbasaur and a chance to get the special move Frenzy Plant when evolved into Venusaur.

Frenzy Plan is a grass type signature move that can be learned by starter Pokemon from the Kanto Region. In Pokemon GO, it requires a 2-bar charge and when released it will be dealing a 100 base power with a 2.8 seconds cooldown. Though Solar Bean is still the strongest move, Frenzy Plant is worth trying.

In addition to the featured Pokemon with a special move, Pokemon GO Community Day event will also be adding some in-game bonuses like the triple XP catch and 3-hour span of lure modules.

Although we are still unsure if Niantic will be releasing the shiny form of Bulbasaur, there’s still a big chance that Pokemon GO will be seeing it in the wild. Similar to what happened to the previous Community Day, Pokemon GO fans have seen and catch the shiny forms of the featured Pokemon during the Community Day event.

The 3rd Pokemon GO Community Day will be starting on March 25, 2018 at exactly 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM Malay Peninsula Standard Time.

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