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Pokemon GO Reveals the Candidates for the Community Day for September and October

We’re just halfway done for the month of August, but Niantic is already preparing for the Pokemon GO Community Day Event for September and October 2020.

In an announcement earlier today, Niantic has revealed the candidates for the upcoming September and October’s Pokemon GO Community Day. According to the details, the Pokemon GO community will be the one deciding which Pokemon will be featured in the next two months.

Pokemon GO confirmed that trainers will have to choose between Porygon, Caterpie, Grimer, and Charmander. As of writing, there is still no official release date for the start of the Pokemon GO Community Day voting schedule.

As an avid Pokemon GO player, I guess the most obvious Pokemon that will be securing a spot for the next month’s Community Day are Charmander and Porygon. As we all know, Charmander is one of the most favorite Pokemon since day 1 of Pokemon GO. Apart from its charm, this Pokemon also evolves into a powerful Charizard, which is pretty useful in battles.

We will be giving you another update once we got the voting schedule has been announced. In the meantime, feel free to tell us which Pokemon you are rooting for.

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