Pokemon GO Cosmog

Pokemon GO Cosmog | How to Evolve and Get Cosmoem


  • You need a total of 25 Cosmog Candy to evolve Cosmog into Cosmeon.

One of the newest additions in Pokemon Go is Cosmog, a psychic-type legendary Pokemon that was originally introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Alola Generation VII Pokemon. Since its debut, many players have been looking for methods to evolve the Pokemon into Cosmeom. Well, worry no more, as we have the right answer for you.

How to Evolve Cosmog in Pokemon GO

Cosmog is a unique legendary Pokemon in the game. Before turning into a powerful Pokemon, Cosmog starts as a tiny ball of gas that requires two evolutions before becoming a truly powerful creature. The first evolution will turn Cosmog into Cosmeon, and here’s how you can evolve in Pokemon GO.

To evolve Comsom, players need to have a total of 25 Cosmog Candy. However, getting Cosmog Candy in Pokemon is not as easy as you think. Unfortunately, Cosmog is not available in the wild, and the only way to get Cosmog Candy as of the moment is by working on the research tasks found in A Cosmic Companion.

There are five steps that you need to complete. Upon the completion of these tasks, you should have received a total of 25 Cosmog Candy, which is enough to evolve the Pokemon. The last thing that you need to do to get Cosmeon is to evolve Cosmog.

  1. Go to your Pokemon storage.
  2. Find and click Cosmog.
  3. Click the Evolve button.

All you have to do after clicking the Evolve button is wait until Cosmeon appears on your screen.