Pokemon GO Giovanni

Giovanni Is Now Available in Pokemon GO

After the arrival of the three Team GO Rocket leaders a few days ago, the boss of Team GO Rocket, Giovanni, has also made his way to Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO developer, Niantic, has officially announced that Giovanni can now be encountered and challenged in Pokemon GO. Similar to his subordinates, Giovanni has his own shadow Pokemon that will be using during the battle.

How to find Giovanni in Pokemon GO?

If you want to fight Giovanni, you need to complete the new Special Research called Looming in the Shadows. Completing all the tasks will give you access to the Super Rocket Radar, which is an item to locate Giovanni.

Grunts are pretending to be Giovanni, so before you actually face Giovanni, you need to defeat them first. Once you defeat Giovanni, you will be able to rescue the Generation 1 Legendary birds – Moltres, Zapdos, Zapdos.

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