Pokemon GO Throwback Challenge Johto

Pokemon GO Johto Throwback Challenge Field Research Tasks

Niantic has just released the newest event in Pokemon GO, the Throwback Challenge: Johto. Similar to the previously ended Throwback Challenge, players received new challenges and tasks in the game.

There are new Throwback Challenges that also consist of 9 stages. If you still don’t have the idea what are these new challenges, make sure to check this Johto Throwback Challenge guide. Apart from that, Pokemon GO also prepared a new Field Research Tasks for this event. Below you will find the details of these field research tasks including the rewards that you will be getting after completion.

Pokemon GO

Throwback Challenge: Johto Field Research Tasks

  • Catch 3 fire-type Pokemon
    • Reward: Quilava encounter
  • Catch 3 normal-type Pokemon
    • Reward: Dunsparce encounter (could be a shiny Pokemon)
  • Make 3 curveball throws
    • Reward: Noctowl encounter
  • Use 5 berries to help catch Pokemon
    • Reward: Pineco encounter (could be a shiny Pokemon)
  • Hatch an egg
    • Reward: Phanpy encounter
  • Earn a heart with your buddy
    • Reward: Bayleef encounter
  • Play with your buddy
    • Reward: Totodile encounter (could be a shiny Pokemon)
  • Take a snapshot of your buddy
    • Reward: Shuckle  encounter (could be a shiny Pokemon)
  • Trade a Pokemon
    • Reward: Aipom encounter (could be a shiny Pokemon)

Pokemon GO Johto region Throwback Challenge will be available starting from May 8th at 1:00 PM local time until May 15th at 1:00 PM local time.