Pokemon GO Special Female Pokemon Event Features Shiny Nidoqueen

While we’re busy talking about the release of Generation 4 Pokemon and Mythical Meltan release, Niantic has surprised their fans by releasing a one-day event called Special Female Pokemon Event.

Special Female Pokemon Event features the spawn rate increase of all female Pokemon in the game such as Snubbul, Luvdisc, female Pikachu, and even the Shiny Nidoran female.

Story Behind Special Female Pokemon Event

If you searched for the date and related event today, October 11, you will see that its the Internation Day of the Girl Child. And as we all know, Niantic loves to participate in such events and implement them to Pokemon GO.

Niantic has previously done similar events before such as Valentines Day, St. Patrick, Halloween, and more.

Shiny Nidoran Female

This is not the first time for us to see a shiny Pokemon, however, this is the first time for Niantic to actually release an evolved Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon GO Shiny Nidoqueen
Pokemon GO Shiny Nidoqueen

Usually, Niantic releases a shiny form of the base Pokemon then we can get its shiny evolution when it evolves. Now, trainers can get a shiny Nidoran Female family without even evolving it.

Pokemon GO Special Female Pokemon Event starts on October 11 and will end on October 12, 2018.

That’s all for today trainers. Make sure to go out there before the event ends.

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