Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO will have Gible Community Day in June

In a statement posted on its website, developer and publisher Niantic announced a new edition of Community Day for Pokémon GO that will take place on June 6 and will have Gible as the pocket monster of prominence.

On the date in question, Gible will appear more often between 11:00 in the morning and 5:00 in the afternoon in both the normal version and its brilliant variation. If Garchomp evolves a Gabite during the event window, it will be able to learn Take Down and Mud Shot for its quick move and DigTwister, or Flamethrower for its charged move.

Anyone who wants to will also have the chance to buy a ticket for the exclusive survey One bite only, and everyone will have a triple experience bonus per capture, and Incense that lasts three hours when activated, and a surprise when taking pictures during the Pokémon Day GO Community event.

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