Pokemon Let's Go - Dome and Helix Fossils

Pokemon Let’s Go: Dome and Helix Fossil, Which One To Pick?

Pokemon Let’s Go is out and one thing that you will eventually notice is that the game is following the same story as the previous Pokemon games, specifically Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow.

One of the features that you can find from the previous games and Let’s Go is the Dome Fossil and Helix Fossil in Mt. Moon. If you’re not familiar with it, these are fossils that will eventually turn into a Pokemon which has almost the same characteristics and attributes. But of course, there’s always some difference between the two Pokemon. If you’re still undecided what to choose, here’s a simple tip and guide to help you decide.

Pokemon Let’s Go Dome and Helix Fossil

Dome Fossil will soon turn into a Kabuto who evolves into Kabutops which has a diverse set of learnings. It has the chance to learn some Dark, Grass, Ground, and Dark-type moves and can also pick up a few Bug, Ice, and Poison-type moves from TMs.

Meanwhile, Helix Fossil will give you Omanyte that will evolve into Omastar, which is a Rock and Water-type Pokemon. But unlike Kabuto, Omanyte and Omastar are more focused on learning more Water moves.

Turning Fossils Into a Pokemon

While you can get the fossils during the progress of the game, you can only turn them into a Pokemon once you reached the Cinnabar Island. On the island, you have to search for the Pokemon Lab they can turn any fossil into a Pokemon.

And that’s all trainers. Want to see more guides, tips, and tricks? Make sure to visit our Pokemon Let’s Go guide directory.

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