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How To Beat Gym Leader Melony in Pokemon Shield

In Pokemon Shield, the sixth Gym Leader that you will be facing is the Ice-type Pokemon trainer, Melony. Don’t take her lightly because of her being a woman as she will be freezing you if you let your guard down.

To defeat this Melony and all of her Ice-type Pokemon, here is the guide that will surely help you with your journey.

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Pokemon Shield Exclusive Gym Leader Melony

Melony’s Pokemon Lineup

Residing at the Circhester Gym, Melony has four Ice-type Pokemon that you need to defeat. These are Frosmoth (Lvl 40), Darmanitan (Lvl 40), Eiscue (Lvl 41), and Lapras (Lvl 42). As you can see, two of her lineup are dual-type Pokemon, which you can take advantage of when you face her in the battle.

How to Beat Gym Leader Melony

Before you jump into the battle, it is advisable that all the Pokemon you are bringing are at least level 38 to 42. The higher the level, the better chance of winning.

Since Melony is using Ice-type Pokemon, the most effective types are Fire, Steel, and Electric Pokemon. In this guide, we suggest using Perrserker (Steel), Cinderace (Fire), Corviknight (Flying/Steel), Excadrill (Ground/Steel), Coalossal (Rock/Fire), and Manectric (Electric).

Pro tip: It is not advisable to only use Fire-type Pokemon since Melony has Lapras that will be a counter to your Fire-type Pokemon.

Melony’s Rewards

Defeat Melony and you will receive Ice Badge, TM27 Ice Wind move, Ice-type uniform, and the ability to catch up to level 50 Pokemon in the wild.

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