Pokemon Sword and Shield

How to Catch Legendary Zacian and Zamazenta in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Similar to the previous Pokemon games, Nintendo has released two new Legendary Pokemon for the Pokemon Sword and Shield namely Zacian and Zamazenta.

These two new Legendaries represent the two versions of the new Pokemon game. Zacian for the Pokemon Sword and Zamazenta for the Pokemon Shield. Catching these Legendary Pokemon is not an easy task. If you’re planning to add them to your Pokedex, below is the guide on how to do it.

How to catch Zacian and Zamazenta

The steps if you want to catch the Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon are similar. Just follow the sequence and you will find yourself facing Zacian or Zamazenta.

Defeat the Galar Champion, Leon

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Galar Champion Leon

Go to Slumbering Weald and battle with Hop

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Trainer Hop

Return the Rusted Sword at the pedestal

Battle With Sordward (for Pokemon Sword) or Shielbert (for Pokemon Shield)

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Sordward and Shieldbert

Depending on your game version, you need to fight Sordward for Pokemon Sword or Shieldbert for Pokemon Shield. Once you’ve defeated Sordward or Shieldbert, you will have the Rusted Sword or Ruster Shield.

Visit Wedgehurst and find Sonia at her Lab

Go to Turffield Stadium and defeat Dynamax Tsareena

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Dynamax Tsareena

You need to defeat Dynamax Tsareena. Don’t worry, Milo, Hop, and Piers will be helping you in this battle. You will receive rare League Card from Milo after defeating Tsareena.

Visit Hulbury Stadium and Motostoke Stadium and defeat Dynamax Pokemon

Defeat Dynamaxed Gyarados at Hulbury Stadium and Dynamaxed Torkoal at Motostoke Stadium. You will receive rare League Card from Nessa and Kabu after you defeated the two Pokemon.

Go back to Pokemon Research Lab and defeat Sordward and Shielbert

Defeat Sordward and Shiledbert at Pokemon Research Lab. Hop will be joining the battle with you.

Defeat Dynamax Pokemon at Hammerlock, Stow-on-Side, and Circhester

Visit the three stadiums and defeat the Dynamaxed Pokemon. At Hammerlock, you will need to fight Dynamax Haxorous, at Stow-on-Side you will fight Dynamaxe Conkeldurr, and at Circhester you need to defeat Dynamax Gigalith. You will receive three rare League Cards from Raihan, Bea, and Gordie.

Defeat Bede At Ballonlea Stadium

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Gym Leader Bede

Visit Ballonlea Stadium and you will be facing Gym Leader Bede. Defeat Bede and get two rare League Cards.

Visit Energy Plant from Hammerlock Stadium and defeat Sordward or Shielbert

Defeat Zacian or Zamazenta

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Zacian and Zamazenta

Battle with Zamazenta or Zacian to catch them

Defeat Hop

Once you have successfully catch Zaican or Zamazenta, you need to fight Hop. Hop will be using a Legendary Pokemon that you haven’t caught yet. Once defeated, Hope will give you rare League Card.