POSTAL: Brain Damaged

POSTAL: Brain Damaged Controls Guide for PC

Brain Damaged is undoubtedly one of the most interesting action video games right now. With its retro-style graphics, you will undoubtedly enjoy the game’s gore. Well, it’s not actually gory as the blood that you will see can easily be handled.

The game will bring you into a world of non-stop action and shooting, which is why you should be well-equipped before starting the game. This page offers the basic POSTAL: Brain Damaged key bindings and shortcuts that will surely be useful to take down all of the enemies that you will face.

POSTAL: Brain Damaged Controls

To change these default POSTAL: Brain Damaged controls, simply go to the settings section of the game.

CrouchLeft Ctrl
FireLeft Mouse Button
Alternate FireRight Mouse Button
Reflect ProjectileR
Use ItemX
Next ItemC
Previous ItemZ
Weapon SelectionQ
Weapon 11
Weapon 22
Weapon 33
Weapon 44
Weapon 55
Weapon 66
Weapon 77
Weapon 88
Weapon 99
Weapon 100
Next WeaponMouse Wheel Down
Previous WeaponMouse Wheel Up
Quick SaveF6
Quick LoadF7
Pause MenuEsc
POSTAL: Brain Damaged Controls

With all the listed controls for POSTAL: Brain Damaged above, you’re now ready to face any enemies in the game. Good luck and make sure to kill them all!

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