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Boruto Episode 197: Delta Invades Konoha and Confronts Naruto

Kawaki increasingly got closer to Konoha after Naruto invited him to stay at his house. One of the highlights is the interaction with the children of the Uzumaki family which was also presented in Boruto episode 197.

Kawaki’s Change of Heart Towards the Uzukami Family

In Boruto episode 197, there are numerous interesting moments that demonstrate Kawaki’s slowly change of heart towards the Uzumaki’s.

First, he remembered the vase he had broken. Even though he already replaced it, he attempted to repair the broken vase with the glue Boruto had given him.

In addition, the interaction between Kawaki and Himawari in which Kawaki feels guilty. Boruto also shows that Kawaki has become a somewhat different person from before.

Boruto and Kawaki’s First Karma Training

Boruto and Kawaki both have the Karma seal on their bodies, but the power is still a mystery to both of them. As a result, Boruto and Kawaki share the same goal: to learn more about Karma and how to control it.

Under Naruto’s supervision, the two started trainig, with Boruto primarily learning how to use Karma effectively.

Momoshiki’s Return Hinted

Boruto and Kawaki’s Karma seals, as we know, resonate with each other. This was rehashed in episode 197, when the two exchanged ninja greetings after training.

Boruto even saw Momoshiki’s shadow, indicating that Momoshiki would return!

Delta Entered the Konoha Village

Delta had previously felt irritated and angry because of Kashin Koji leaving her outside the Konoha Village.

As a result, she started tracking Kawaki’s location using her drone. After finding Kawaki’s location, Delta immediately flew and entered the Konoha village. Knowing that her chakra is not registered, Ino immediately informed Naruto about his presence.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Delta attacked Konoha Village | Episode 197

Naruto anticipates Delta’s arrival, and Kawaki warns Naruto that Delta isn’t a careless member of Kara!

The next episode will surely be an epic match up between Delta and the leader of the Konoha Village. Who do you think will win this fight? Let us know in the comment section below.

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