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Princess Maker Refine Reputation Guide

This guide will be covering the details on how you can get the maximum reputation in Princess Maker Refine. If you’re one of the players struggling to gain enough reputation in the game, this one is for you.

Reputation Based Endings

Currently, there are two endings that you can get in the game. These are the Princess Ending and the Queen Ending.

  • Princess Ending requires a reputation score between 800 – 1199.
  • Queen Ending requires a reputation score of 1200 or higher.

While Princess Ending is easy enough to get through the more “ladylike” skills, the Queen ending seems to be geared at people focusing on fighting, and Errantry.

If you hate Errantry, don’t worry! I hate it too, but I found the best way to get enough reputation for the Queen ending/achievement without having to trek all over that darn forest.


Military and Study both have 3 exams you can pay to undergo. Each exam you pass gives you 10 reputation, for a total of 30 reputations per field of education.

If you are low on money, I recommend not taking a class in Military/Study until you are ready to pass the exam, as the exam is offered for an extra fee at the end of the study “week”.

Eg. Have her work in the Hospital or as a Scriviner until her intelligence is high enough for the next Study exam on your list.


1st Exam

  • Requires: Nothing
  • Costs: $50
  • Gives: + 10 Reputation

2nd Exam

  • Requires: Complete 1st Exam
  • Costs: $100
  • Gives: + 10 Reputation

3rd Exam

  • Requires: Complete 2nd Exam
  • Costs: $200
  • Gives: + 10 Reputation


1st Exam

  • Requires: 90 Intelligence
  • Costs: $50
  • Gives: + 10 Reputation
  • Answers:
    • Diamond Dust
    • Pineal Eye

2nd Exam

  • Requires: 160 Intelligence and to have completed 1st Exam
  • Costs: $100
  • Gives: + 10 Reputation
  • Answers:
    • Heating of the cathode from ion bombardment
    • 27 days

3rd Exam

  • Requirement: 300 Intelligence and to have completed the 2nd Exam
  • Costs: $200
  • Gives: + 10 Reputation
  • Answers:
    • Neptune brings it back up in giant barrels
    • Objects float in the air

Castle Talk

The Castle Talk can be done anytime before selecting your schedule each month. It can also be done before starting the Harvest Festival, and before the very ending of the game.

Every person you “impress” gives you a +8 reputation. You can gain a total of 48 Reputation. You will only receive a reputation the first time you “impress” someone. You “impress” someone by having a certain level of Elegance.


  • Requirement: 50 Elegance


  • Requirement: 70 Elegance


  • Requirement: 150 Elegance


  • Requirement: 250 Elegance


  • Requirement: 400 Elegance


  • Requirement: 600 Elegance

You start the game with 30 Elegance points. You may gain Elegance through studying Etiquette, working as a Maid, or purchasing the Poetry and the Tea Cup.

Harvest Festival

The harvest festival occurs in October, and you will be unable to do anything else during that month. However, you will still be able to shop, use items, and talk to your daughter (before starting the Harvest Festival). You will have 8 Harvest Festivals in total through the game.

There is nothing to lose by taking part in either competition, but you can only take part in one of them. Although, if you bribe judges in the Miss Kingdom competition you will lose that money whether or not you win.

Martial Arts Competition

Winning the two last fights gives you a reputation.

  • 1st place: 80 Reputation
  • 2nd place: 50 Reputation

Miss Kingdom Competition

Every prize you win gives you a reputation. However, the amount of reputation seems to vary, and I haven’t been able to verify exact amounts. I recommend the guide “Princess Maker Refine – Complete Guide” by user Hyslyne.

In theory, you should receive approx 100 reputations if you win all four prizes. This sounds better than the rewards from the Martial Arts competition, but in my experience, it worked out better to focus on fighting, Errantry, and the Martial Arts competition when I was going for the Queen ending.

If you do not think that you can win 3 or more categories in the Miss Kingdom, but you have high fighting skills, it will be better to take part in the Martial Arts competition. Alternatively, if you have enough money to bribe the judges to win three prizes, it may be better to do so than to take part in the military competition.

  • 1st place Martial Arts = 80 rep.
  • 3 prizes Miss Kingdom = 90~ rep.

In either case, it is worthwhile to save your game before attending the Harvest Festival, so that you can reload if your competitors are too tough, and hopefully, you’ll end up with opponents that are easier to beat.


Everytime you survive a day, you gain 1 point of stamina and 1 point of reputation. If you manage to reach the end of the map, you will gain 50 Reputation. This works multiple times and is not just a one-time bonus for the first time you complete the path.

All you need to do is survive. You can simply sit at the entrance and run away from all attackers if that is what you want to do. Fighting and exploring are not needed for reputation gains.

Errantry is indeed the easiest way to boost your reputation. It certainly gives you more reputation than work will – every mistake-free week of work earns you 1 reputation point, however, every single day you survive in errantry earns you 1 reputation point. Meaning that even if you only survive 2 days in Errantry, you will have gained more reputation than you would receive from a mistake-free work week.


If you manage to make it through an entire workweek without a single mistake you will gain a very small amount of reputation.

  • +1 reputation per week without any mistakes.

To have a greater chance of succeeding in your job, you need

  • High Stamina
  • High Spirit
  • Low Stress.

Getting your stress to 0, with high stamina and high spirit, should allow you to work at the church with a very low chance of mistakes. Working at the church does not increase stress, which means you should be able to bring in a +1 reputation each week working there. However simply working at the church every single day of the game will only net you approx 264 reputations at best, which may be enough for the Morale endings, but not enough for Princess or Queen endings.

Lowering Reputation

The following jobs will reduce your reputation:

  • Strange Bar: Reduces 3 reputation points per day
  • Strange Inn: Reduces 5 reputation points per day

Do not work at strange bar or strange inn if you are trying to raise your reputation. However, working in one of these jobs allows you to lower your reputation if you are seeking a specific ending.

Figuring Out a Plan

First I determined that I would struggle to get enough reputation to become Queen if I followed the “Lady-like path”. Max reputation from Harvest Festivals:

100 X 8 = 800 + 48 (castle talk) = 848 + 30 (Study exams) = 878 + 30 (Military exams) = 908 = 292 reputation still needed for Queen ending.

Then I figured out how much reputation I would need to aim for each week/month/year in order to confirm I wasn’t wasting time on a lost cause.

There are 33 weeks in each year (October has no usable weeks due to the Harvest Festival). This means you have 264 weeks in your game (8 years).

To get to 1,200 reputations by the end of the game, you would need to get an average of 150 reputations per year – which works out to approx 13-14 reputation per month, which is approx 4-5 reputation per week.

If you win all 8 Martial Arts competitions you will receive 640 reputations. This brings the yearly average down to 70 reputation points (outside of the Martial Arts competition)

  • Monthly average = 6-7 reputation
  • Weekly average = 2-3 reputation

In theory, if you could survive a minimum of 6 days of Errantry each month, you could have 1,200 reputations by the end of the game simply from standing in the forest. However, if you were to manage to survive Errantry for every day of a month, you would end up with somewhere around 20-30 reputation each month, regardless of whether you reached the end of the map or not.

A breakdown of reputation from the ladylike path. Elegance and glamour.

Perhaps, like me, you prefer to increase your Elegance and Glamour. It is fairly easy to achieve the Princess ending through this path, but the Queen ending may be a struggle, if not completely impossible. The game seems intent on people only achieving the Queen ending via battle and Errantry (you will see why when you get to this ending).

If you were to attempt to avoid battle and errantry, these are the primary sources of reputation on the “pretty pacifist” path:

  • Education: You may complete 3 Study Exams to receive 30 reputations.
    You may potentially be able to complete Military Exams, for a maximum of 30 reputations.
  • Castle talk: Requires 600 Elegance to receive 48 Reputation.
  • Harvest Festival: You can potentially receive 10 Reputation – 100-121+ Reputation each Harvest Festival.
    • It is possible to win the Elegance prize in your first year, as Etiquette classes are available immediately.
    • Remember that while you can receive Glamour from working at the Strange Bar and Strange Inn, these jobs will reduce your reputation drastically.
    • Also keep in mind that bribing judges are more financially responsible than spending money on Glamour-raising items.

Dress = +25 Glamour, but costs $1,000

Bikini Armour = +60 Glamour, but costs $2,000

Bribing judges costs $10 per judge – so for $1,000 you could bribe 100 judges

Bribing 100 judges will likely cause you to win, and as such is probably a better use of your $1,000.

If you are determined to achieve 1,200 reputations via this path, your best bet will do Errantry as often as possible, and simply stand still instead of attempting to explore the forest. You may potentially be able to survive enough days/nights to increase your reputation enough if you’re very lucky.

A breakdown of reputation from the Battle path. Errantry and Fighting.

  • Military exams: You can get 30 reputation total from military exams. You can potentially undergo the Study exams and gain a maximum of 30 reputations.
  • Errantry: 50 reputations for reaching the end of the map. This bonus happens each time you finish the map.
  • Errantry: +1 reputation for every day you survive in errantry. Potentially 8 – 10 reputation per week.
  • Harvest Festival: 50 – 80 reputation for finishing in the second or first place. Potential of 400 – 640 reputation across all 8 Harvest Festivals.

If you are hoping to gain your reputation from this path, I recommend building stamina as quickly as possible, as well as either strength or intelligence (depending on whether you want to fight with a sword or magic). I have not determined whether it is worthwhile building XP, but it will come naturally (and quickly) as you fight.

You will also want to buy the best possible armour, helm, and weapons (even the cheapest ones will help you, and are worth buying before the first Harvest Festival).

How to Earned 1,610 Reputation and Get the Queen Ending

  • Start the game with type 0 blood, and my birthday on March 31st (to keep track of the years more easily).
  • Focus on raising my daughter’s Spirit via the chat option as often as possible throughout the game.
  • Focused on Stamina, Intelligence, and keeping my stress down.

The first priority was to increase Intelligence to 90 and undergo the first Study exam. This had to be done before the first Harvest Festival so that you could fight.

  • Purchase the best set of armour, helm, and weapon, that you could afford the day before the first Harvest Festival, and replaced them when you could afford better.
  • Aim to come first place in each Martial Arts competitions (reloading any that you lost, with the exception of coming 2nd in my first year).
  • Aim to pass all 6 exams – both Study and Military, for a total of 60 reputations.
  • As your fighting style uses magic, I was able to avoid losing elegance, and later in the game, I was able to increase her Etiquette enough in order to gain the +48 reputation boost from the Castle Talk.

You can end the game at 1,610 reputations. Here are the breakdown and bonuses

  • + 48 reputations from Castle Talk
  • + 30 reputations from Study Exams
  • + 30 reputations from Military Exams
  • + 3 X 50 reputation from completing the Errantry map
  • + 1 X 50 reputation from Second place in Martial Arts competition
  • + 7 X 80 reputation from First place in Martial Arts competition

Beginning the game you had a reputation goal listed for each birthday. You might struggle in the first few years but you will be able to increase your reputation significantly when you had enough Stamina and Intelligence to survive long periods of Errantry.

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