PROZE: Prologue

PROZE: Prologue Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how to get the 100% achievements in PROZE: Prologue. There’s a total of 4 achievements in PROZE: Prologue and below is the guide on how you can obtain them.

PROZE: Prologue Achievement Guide


  • This is a story achievement. You can’t miss it

The Boob Tube – Watch TV Till The End

  • There is a TV on the desk where you start. Flip the red switch under the screen part of the TV and just wait till the end.

Note: If you take your VR headset off in-game time will stop so just keep you VR Headset on your head or something.

Ultimate Hacker – Login At First Try

  • This is self-explanatory. Login first by using the name Anatoly and the Password UVB76.

Note: You don’t need to get the wavelengths A or B right first try.

Pin It! – Collect all pins in Prologue

  • The hardest achievement of this game but still it’s easy if you know the locations. The First Pin is inside the structure and to the right of the wavelength changer.

PROZE: Prologue

  • The Second Pin is harder to find because it is outside and can blend with the snow a bit. It is on the right side of the truck/military vehicle

PROZE: Prologue

And that’s how you can obtain all achievements in PROZE: Prologue. Did we miss something? Feel free to share it to us by leaving a comment below.

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