PUBG Leaves Early Access, NVIDIA Releases New Game Ready Driver For It

As we all know, PUBG 1.0 comes out today. In a recent tweet, Bluehole has announced the entrance of PUBG’s new era, leaving Early-Access as well as entering the 1.0. A more significant audience who do not tend to install Test Servers will have access to PUBG’s newest desert map, Miramar.

As a response to that, NVIDIA has released a new game ready driver, specially optimized for PUBG. The latest useful feature that was added after Nvidia’s and PUBG’s partnership was the ShadowPlay Highlights. Now, they should be working better and more efficiently, avoiding any previously known bugs.

We will have the chance to experience an improved Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game, thanks to Bluehole’s development team. They have managed to optimize the game by far and reduce the fps issues players had in the past. While all of this was tested out on its test servers, now will be officially available.

In the meantime, Bluehole has tweeted out that the maintenance has begun.

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