Pumpkin Jack

Pumpkin Jack: All Crow Skull Locations in Skeletown

Developer and publisher of Pumpkin Jack have officially released the game. Just like any other video games, players can find different items in the game.

One of these items is called Crow Skull and there are plenty of these collectable items scattered in Skeletown. If you want to collect all these Crow Skull, you will be able to unlock the achievement called Skull Aficionado.

If you’re playing Pumpkin Jack on Xbox One, you check the full list of achievements for the game here.

Pumpkin Jack

All Crow Skull Locations in Skeletown

Currently, there’s a total of 21 Crow Skull scattered all over the map of Skeletown. If you just follow the story of the game, you might miss some of these Crow Skull as they are hidden somewhere in the map.

To help you collect all these Crow Skulls, below is the video detailing the exact locations of all Crow Skull.

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