Puzzle Solutions With No Enigma in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Enhanced Edition

Greetings and thank you for visiting my puzzle guide. This guide is a compilation of images that can be quickly referred to in-game, making it easier for those who have grown tired of repeatedly checking solutions on their 234th playthrough or for those who are unable or choose not to use the Puzzle Skip mod.

If you notice that I’ve missed a puzzle, kindly inform me. I took most of the pictures myself, while some were sourced from the wiki or Neoseeker.

Why no Enigma?

I opted to keep this guide straightforward and include only images for quick reference within the game, as Enigma is a massive undertaking. Various comprehensive guides and videos for Enigma are already available, and I don’t want to duplicate those efforts or create another lengthy guide.

Prologue and Act 1

Shield Maze

Defender’s Heart – wiki image (click the button on the wall after)

Gray Garrison

Act 2

Nameless Ruins (the only Nenio stuff you’ll find here)

Lost Chapel Desna altar – Insert both items and subsequently click on Middle, Right, Left, and Middle again.

This applies solely if you completed the Azata quest in act 1.


Act 3

Ivory Sanctum

Baphomet’s Statue room

Jeribeth’s room (both on the same panel)

Mimic Room (Have two characters stand on the pressure plates and use a third character to activate the panel.)


It’s not exactly a puzzle, but I’ll include it here nonetheless. Click on all stones in any sequence to obtain your loot at the Heart of Stone. Remember to save before clicking each stone. Failing to do so will result in the end of the game.

Sacred Lands (wiki image)

Gravestone Rock (Seelah’s Quest): Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, then Red, Green, Yellow, Blue.

Blackwater door: triangle, rhombus, circle with a dot.

Midnight Fane underground

X means closed door – O means open

Act 4

There aren’t any puzzles in this area, although there are rotating platforms that require manipulation. To traverse these platforms, rotate them until you can place a character on top of a tile to lock it. Then, repeat this process until you can create a passageway.

Act 5

Pulura’s Fall

Ineluctable Prison

Secrets of Creation

It’s recommended to complete Conundrum in Act 2, and the remaining puzzles during Act 5, as some areas are inaccessible before then. Images for these puzzles can be found on the wiki.

Conundrum Unsolved

Forgotten Secrets (slabs found at Shrine of Sacrilege)

Core of the Riddle (slabs found at Ravaged Long House)

Final Veil (slabs found at Bone Hill)

Legacy of the Ancients (slabs found at Place of Execution)

Heart of Mystery (slabs found at Laughing Caverns)

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