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Rainbow Six Siege Reveals Thunderbird, Operator of the North Star Season

The North Star operation arrives on Tuesday, May 25th, at the Rainbow Six Siege test servers with Thunderbird and the new Favela map.

Rainbow Six Siege will host the North Star season soon. The highlights of the update are the new operator called Thunderbird and a redesigned version of the Favela map. The update will also have interface adjustments, balancing, and bug fixes. Still, without an official release date, the content reaches the test servers on May 25.

Thunderbird is an operator with little resistance, but a lot of speed. She can choose between the SPEAR .308 assault rifle and the SPAS-15 shotgun to use as her primary weapon. As a secondary weapon, it is possible to take the automatic pistol BEARING 9 or revolver Q-929.

In the game’s history, Thunderbird was raised in the Nakoda Indian tribe in Canada. With a strong connection with nature, the operator studies water storage, sewage, and water resources management. In Rainbow Six Siege, she is able to heal and revive allies with the Kóna Healing Station gadget.

The North Star operation also brings the new version of the Favela map, which has been completely redesigned. According to Ubisoft, the arena will have recreated rooms, improved navigation, and a detailed view of the surroundings. The idea is to make it easier for players to read and improve site recognition.

The news of the season arrives tomorrow on the test servers of Rainbow Six Siege, including a new armor system, which converts protection into hit points. Players will also be able to experience for the first time the ability that allows operators to use their gadgets even when they are dead.

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