The Avatars of Durga

Raji: An Ancient Epic: The Avatars of Durga Guide

Developer Nodding Heads Games and publisher has officially released Raji: An Ancient Epic on PlayStation 4. Just like any other PS4 game, players will be able to collect trophies for the game after meeting the trophy requirements.

One of the trophies in Raji: An Ancient Epic is called The Avatars of Durga, where players are tasked to learn about all the nine avatars of Goddess Durga. If you’re wondering where to find all the nine avatars of Goddes Durga, this guide will help you locate them.

The Avatars of Durga

Unlockable Trophy

  • The Avatars of Durga
    Learn about all the nine avatars of Goddess Durga

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All Nine Avatars of Goddes Durga Locations

This trophy can be missed if you’re not exploring the area. After receiving your first Favor Orb, you can visit the temple where you find a hanging large bell between two statues.

You can already see the avatars in the wall of the area, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to interact with it unless you do something. To activate the interaction and able to collect the trophy, all you need to do is ring the bell by pressing the square button on your controller.

After ringing the bell, you can now interact on each avatar on the wall. As always, all you have to do is press the square button to interact. Interact with all the nine avatars of Goddes Durga to obtain The Avatars of Durga trophy.

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