Re.Poly Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

This is a very short guide that covers the most basic, introduction for new players.

Memory Fragments

Once you start the game you’ll be tasked with gathering three rocks on the ground. Once that is finished you’ll get a new task to gather 10 Memory Fragments, which are basically points that you use in order to learn new crafting recipes.

Since you don’t really have a weapon, you’ll need to travel slightly east and downhill from the starting location. You’ll find two things along the road here: 1. Goblins, 2. Broken wagons.

Avoid the goblins since you don’t have a weapon to fight them. Approach the broken wagons and attack the barrels on them in order to grab some loot and the Memory Fragments you’re looking for. Once you have 10 Memory Fragments, you can learn to craft a Sharp Stone, which is used to cut trees, boulders, and shrubs.

Shrines of Fire

You may have seen a Shrine of Fire very close to the starting position, on the side of the first dirt path that heads east and downhill. It is a stone pedestal with a stone bowl in front of it. You’ll need to craft a torch from your character menu and press the ‘E’ key (default) to light the Shrine of Fire. This will grant you 20 Memory Fragments and will be one of the easiest ways to get Memory Fragments for a new player. Be sure to light any Shrine of Fire you come across in your travels, but be careful if they are guarded by powerful monsters.

Managing your Health

You can learn the recipe for Bandages in the Blueprints tab of your character menu. These are great for healing yourself in the early game. It takes a few seconds to apply a Bandage, so take care when using them in combat.

You can also cook the various meat and vegetables you find in the early game by making a Campfire, which is also learned in the Blueprints tab of your character menu. Using a Campfire can be tricky because you need to press ‘E’ key (default) on the campfire, then drag wood and whatever you want to cook into the “inventory slots” assigned to the campfire itself. Once you’ve done that, you are ready to “turn on” the campfire and start crafting. Cooked meat in particular is very useful for new players.

Building Shelter

As you complete the beginner tasks, you’ll eventually get one that has you craft a Hammer, then start building your first shelter. You learn the recipe for the Hammer in the Blueprints tab of your character menu. Once you’ve put the Hammer in your hotkey bar and equipped it, a notification will popup and tell you how to access the building menu, from which you can start building shelter. You can also hold right-click (default) on pretty much any structure you built and have the option to “break it down” if you want the materials refunded or you just want to relocate it.

Also, in order to craft a Door Lock, a Claim sphere, and even an Anvil, you’ll need to craft a Workbench first. The Workbench has its own crafting “inventory” assigned to it, sort of the like the Campfire, where you’ll place items into the Workbench and create things from its interaction menu.

Final Beginner Tips

Hopefully this was enough guidance to get a new player started in Re.Poly. In conclusion, I’ll list a few more tips here to help you on your journey.

1. You can dual-wield weapons (not tools, btw) by simply having them both on your hotkey bar, pressing the assigned key to equip the mainhand first, and then pressing the assigned key to equip the offhand next.

2. You level up in this game so don’t forget to spend your Skill points on your stats. If you want an easier time, you can also start up a multiplayer mode game from the starting menu, and adjust how much XP you gain. This is useful if you want to level up really fast on your journey.

3. Strength increases how much weight you can carry but not how many items you can carry, so it’s useful to craft Chests to store your extra loot inside. While the storage Chest needs to be learned from the Blueprints menu, the basic cabinet does not. Cabinets can be built from the Hammer’s construction menu.

4. In Re.Poly’s Steam update list, you can find a video where the developer explains the Villager system and how to relocate the various warriors and gatherers in the game back to your personal town. Setting villagers up to perform duties is a good way to get more loot and have your village defended from enemies.

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