Red Dead Online High Roller Revolver

Red Dead Online: How To Get High Roller Revolver for Free

One of the weapons that you can use in Red Dead Online is the High Roller Double Action Revolver. If you’re wondering where and how to get this pistol, here’s a simple and easy guide for you.

How To Get High Roller Double Action Revolver

Unlike the offline mode where you are required to play GTA V online mode before you unlock it, Red Dead Online will give High Roller Revolver for free and you don’t need to jump to any game.

The only thing you have to do is find any fence vendor, browse their inventory, and you will find the High Roller Revolver for free. You need to pay nothing to get this pistol.

In my experience, I managed to grab the pistol from the fence vendor in Thieves Landing. But as mentioned above, the pistol is available on any fence vendor.

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