Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Fish | Where to Find

This guide will explain the locations of all the legendary fish in Red Dead Redemption 2 and how to catch them. There are a total of 13 legendary fish in the game. Of course, before you can catch them, you will need to start the quest. It is possible to get the mission after finishing the second chapter. But to catch some of them you will need to pass the levels. Some of them will not be available due to the fishing offer and some of them will not be available due to the impossibility of entering the area.

How do I get the mission?

Go to Gill Landing. Part of The Heartlands, southeast of Flatneck Station on the north shore of Flat Iron Lake.

There you will meet a man (Jeremy Gill) who is fishing. He will give you a map showing all the legendary fish. He will ask you to mail these fish to him (I recommend you to send all the fish you caught separately)

Which Bait Can I Catch Legendary Fish?

To catch legendary fish, you must buy all lures marked “Special”. If the fish you plan to catch is in a river you should buy “Special River Lures”, if it is in a lake you should buy “Special Lake Lures” and so on. If you are aiming to catch them all, buy them all but you will only need to use the “Special”, i.e. Special, bait. You can buy them from the bait seller I will show you on the map.

Special Lake Lure, Special River Lure, and Special Swamp Lure; are the ones you need to buy.

Which fish to catch with which plunger?

Special Lake Lure

  • Legendary Bluegill
  • Legendary Largemouth Bass
  • Legendary Perch
  • Legendary Redfin Pickerel (Legendary American Pike)
  • Legendary Rock Bass
  • Legendary Smallmouth Bass
  • Legendary Sockeye Salmon

Special River Lure

  • Legendary Bullhead Catfish
  • Legendary Chain Pickerel (Legendary Black Pike)
  • Legendary Large Sturgeon
  • Legendary Muskie (Legendary Striped Pike)
  • Legendary Steelhead Trout

Special Swamp Lure

  • Legendary Longnose Gar
  • Legendary Bullhead Catfish

If you look at the Legendary Fish map from Jeremy Gilll, you will see all these fish marked on your map as you get closer to their location.


You don’t need to follow any order. You can catch whichever one you want to start from. Let me attach the map here again to make it easier for you to find it;

Random already

Legendary Trout (Legendary Silverhead Trout)
The Legendary Trout can be found in the northeast corner of New Hanover, up the Kamassa River from the Brandywine Drop, near the waterfall far north of Annesburg. To catch this fish, use a Specialized River Gaff.

Legendary Sturgeon
Catch this Legendary Sturgeon between Saint Denis and Rhodes, south of Lemoyne, by releasing a Special River Zok (or paddling in a boat) from the railroad bridge at the mouth of the Lannahechee River.

Legendary Smallmouth Bass
West of Strawberry, between the Big Valley and Tall Trees districts of West Elizabeth, you can catch them with a Specialized Lake Seine on Lake Owanjila.

Legendary Red Salmon
Legendary Salmon swim in the cold waters of Lake Isabella, northwest of Valentine, in the Grizzlies West region of Ambarino.

Legendary Rock Bass
You’ll find it in the Aurora Basin at the head of the Lower Montana River west of the Manzanita Trade Center in the Tall Trees area of West Elizabeth. Use a Special Lake Jig for this fish.

Legendary Redfin Pickerel (Legendary American Pike)
You can catch the Legendary Redfin in the largest pool on Stillwater Creek between Thieve’s Landing and MacFarlane’s Ranch in New Austin. Use the Special Pond Lure to catch this fish.

Legendary Perch
In the Roanoke Ridge area of New Hanover, southwest of Annesburg, you’ll find the Legendary Bass swimming in Elysian Lake. Use the Specialized Lake Hook to catch this fish.

Legendary Muskie (Legendary Striped Pike)
To catch the muskie, head to the lighthouse at the south end of the Van Horn Trading Post in New Hanover and use a Specialty River Seine.

Legendary Largemouth Bass
You can catch this legendary fish on the banks of the San Luis River in New Austin, southeast of Lake Don Julio. Use the Specialized River Jig to catch this fish.

Legendary Longnose Gar
It can be found in the swampy marsh between Lakay and Lagras in the Bayou Nwa area of Lemoyne. To catch this fish, use the Specialized Zokuna.

Legendary Chain Pickerel (Legendary Black Pike)
You can catch it in the Dakota River northwest of Flatneck Station. Use a special river snare.

Legendary Catfish
The Legendary Catfish can be caught in the river deltas west of Sisika Prison on Sisika Island. Use the Special River Gaff to catch this fish.

Legendary Bluegill
The legendary Bluegill can be found on the shores of Flat Iron Lake, south of Clemens Point. You will discover this if you accept Kieran’s fishing offer in Episode 3. Keiran will invite you to fish with him on the beach near the Clemens Point camp. As you start fishing, Arthur and Keiran notice a stranger swimming naked in the lake. The stranger then tells them about a big fish that can be found south of Clemens Point.

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