Red Dead Redemption 2 All Missable Guns Location

Red Dead Redemption 2: Where To Find All Missable Gunslinger

In Red Dead Redemption 2 there are many unique weapons to discover. Some of these weapons are missable that you won’t be able to get them anymore when you missed them once. These weapons include Granger’s revolver, Midnight pistol, and Flaco’s revolver.

If you’re looking for a guide to help you get these three unique weapons, below is the step-by-step process on how to get them.

How To Get All Missable Gunslinger

To get all these weapons, you have to start one mission. The mission to find these guns will begin in Chapter 2. It’s a stranger mission given to you by Fedor where you can find in King’s Saloon in Valentine. Interact with him and he will provide you with 4 photos and a camera to start the mission.

Open and examine the picture that you received, and once you go back to the main menu, the mission location will be added to your map with a gunslinger icon on it. Just do this step on the remaining photos to get the location of the next target.

How To Get Granger’s Revolver

Located in a small homestead directly east of Flatneck Station around Flat Iron Lake.

Granger's Revolver
Granger’s Revolver

Find Granger, talk to him, and help with his request. While in the game, place a stick of dynamite in manure pile which will lead to the inevitable duel with him. After you killed him, you can now pick up his Flaco’s revolver.

How To Get Midnight Pisot

Just head over the marker on the map at the Rhodes train station. You can speak to the clerk about Billy and wait for the train. Billy is located all the way at the back of the train.

Midnight Pisot
Midnight Pisot

Head there and talk to him. He will then run, so chase him until you reach the top of the train at which part you will be able to duel with him. After he’s dead, you can now pick up the unique pistol, the Midnight pistol.

How To Get Flaco’s Revolver

If you stay on the train right after killing Billy, it will take you to this mission’s location.

Black Belle's Location
Black Belle’s Location

This next mission is not required to kill Black Belle. However, you still have the choice to do it. In this mission, you don’t get the gun, but you still are required to take a picture of her to complete the mission. Just follow and help her around and she will lead you to the final person who is Flaco Hernandez.

Flaco's Revolver
Flaco’s Revolver

Flaco is hiding in a shack located in the mountains, north of the Grizzlies West. Once you reached his camp, you will find his men guarding the house. You have the option to kill his men or threaten them to let you through. After passing his men, call Flaco using your weapon, and he will be forced to come out of the shack. And then you can now duel with him. After killing him, you can now grab the Flaco’s revolver.

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