Relicta Trophies for PS4

Developer Mighty Polygon and publisher Ravenscourt have released the official Relicta trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In Relicta, players will be collecting 28 trophies consisting of 13 bronze, 7 silver, 7 gold, and 1 platinum trophies. There are 5 secret trophies in Relicta. Check out the full Relicta trophies for PS4 below.

Relicta Trophies

Very well, Dr.PatelUnlock all of the TrophiesPlatinum Trophy
Senior researcherFind all PDA data cardsGold Trophy
Science comes first (Secret)Stay and wait for RagnarGold Trophy
Interestellar family (Secret)Run away with KiraGold Trophy
Mens sana in corpore sanoComplete all puzzles of RelictaGold Trophy
De GerlacheComplete all puzzles of De Gerlache domeGold Trophy
Faster than light (Secret)Complete Relicta in less than six hoursGold Trophy
Master collectorFind all collectiblesGold Trophy
Junior researcherFind 50% of PDA data cardsSilver Trophy
FaustiniComplete all puzzles of Faustini domeSilver Trophy
Experienced collectorFind 50% of collectiblesSilver Trophy
Welcome to parasite (Secret)Meet the parasiteSilver Trophy
Can you hear me? (Secret)Activate the antenna to contact RagnarSilver Trophy
SverdrupComplete all puzzles of Sverdrup domeSilver Trophy
ShoemakerComplete all puzzles of Shoemaker domeSilver Trophy
Beginner collectorFind a collectibleBronze Trophy
Tropical JungleComplete the second area of SverdrupBronze Trophy
Tropical BeachComplete the first area of SverdrupBronze Trophy
Desert RiftComplete the second area of FaustiniBronze Trophy
ForestComplete the first area of De GerlacheBronze Trophy
CanyonComplete the first area of FaustiniBronze Trophy
Welcome to AEGIR LabsComplete the prologueBronze Trophy
Ice CavesComplete the second area of ShoemakerBronze Trophy
TaigaComplete the first area of ShoemakerBronze Trophy
Intern researcherFind a PDA data cardBronze Trophy
RiverComplete the third area of De GerlacheBronze Trophy
CliffComplete the second area of De GerlacheBronze Trophy
GlacierComplete the third area of ShoemakerBronze Trophy

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