Rent-a-Girlfriend Episode 11 Release Date

Rent-a-Girlfriend Episode 11 is just around the corner. Fans are now excited to see how the story continues between Kazuya and Chizuru. If you’re one of the fans waiting for the next episode, then you’re in luck as this article will give you the details that you need to know.

As we all know, Shun’s secret of renting a girlfriend has been spoiled the past few episodes of the series. Since then, he started avoiding Kazuya. But with the latest episode, fans have seen how he learned the truth about the Chizuru of being a rental girlfriend.

There have been lots of interesting events that also happened in the last episode. While everything has been slowly getting on their place, a new character is about to enter Kazuya’s life.

Rent-a-Girlfriend Episode 11

The first season of Rent-a-Girlfriend, also known as Kanojo, Okarishimasu, will only have a total of 12 episodes, which means that we are getting close to the season finale. Episode 11 will also mark the introduction of the new girl named Sumi. What will be the role of Sumi in Kazuya’s life in Rent-a-Girlfriend? Let’s see how things unfold in the next episode of Kanojo, Okarishimasu Episode 11.

Rent-a-Girlfriend Episode 11 Premiere Date

As of writing, there has no delay or schedule changes for the next episode of Kanojo, Okarishimasu Episode 11, which means that the anime will be getting a brand new episode on its regular schedule.

You can watch and follow Kazuya and his love adventure in Rent-a-Girlfriend Episode 11 on Saturday, September 19, 2020, at exactly 12:25 AM (JST). Note that we are using the actual release date and time in Japan, so you’ll have to convert it to your local timezone. To save your time from searching the actual schedule on your local area, please refer to the following dates below.

  • September 18th at 11:25 AM (EDT)
  • September 18th at 4:25 PM (BST)
  • September 18th at 8:25 AM (PDT)
  • September 18th at 5:25 PM (CEST)
  • September 18th at 11:25 PM (SGT)
  • September 18th at 8:55 PM (IST)
  • September 19th at 1:25 AM (AEST)

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