Resident Evil Re:Verse Beta

Resident Evil Re:Verse Beta Tips to Improve Your Gameplay

This is a brief selection of tips that’ll increase your survivability in Resident Evil Re:Verse. It’s not a full, comprehensive guide but it should ensure you last a little bit longer as either a human or a bioweapon while the beta’s still up!

Pointers Before the Official Release

Resident Evil Re:Verse is a fun, but flawed deathmatch game that gives you plethoras of options for dispatching the few players actually playing this game. However, the game doesn’t spoon-feed EVERYTHING to you during its tutorial, so I decided to create this guide to give out a few pointers to anyone that wants to give this game a try. The full game may differ when it’s released, so I hope I can create a more comprehensive guide once the game comes out. For now, here are five tips that will go a long way.

Gun Power Doesn’t Factor the Rate of Fire or Maximum Ammo

You might think that Claire’s gun is weak at first glance if you look at her mediocre gun power, but you’d be horribly mistaken if you assumed her guns were bad. Lesser power guns have much higher clip sizes than other guns, meaning that Claire will NOT run the risk of running out of ammo nearly as fast as everyone else.

She can easily get the upper hand on someone that has to reload mid-fight, for example; and that’s something you should consider when you’re selecting your character.

Stop Camping Forever as Campsite Closes at Night

The map in the beta scatters vital items throughout the map at random, the most important of which are green herbs and virus capsules. Of course, it’s a good idea to set up an ambush in a corner to spot hostiles quicker, but you shouldn’t be sitting in that corner forever. Remember, you need at least one virus capsule to really dish out serious damage as a monster, so save some camping marshmallows for later after you scour the map a bit, it could make a huge difference once you go down.

Prioritize Picking Off Helpless Survivors and Stick to One Target

The objective of this game is to earn points, not fight honorably! Whoever lands the finishing blow gets credit for the kill regardless of how much damage other players have done.

If you steal someone else’s kill/finishing blow with a weak survivor or you stick to your prey that you damaged greatly, you have a much higher chance of winning if you are equally skilled with the other person since you’ll be hoarding all the points for yourself.

Skill Combos are Deadly, Save Some Stamina for Quick Kills

Some bioweapons like Jack have an instakill finisher alongside their other primary skill like his lunging slash. Most of these heavy-hitting skills cause stun, which allows you to easily perform your finishing move on another survivor.

Capcom games are well known for their combos, and this one is no exception. Save some stamina and you could find yourself one-shotting your way to victory!

Suicide is Painless if You Have No Capsules

Last but definitely not least, the “Fat Molded” monster is incredibly weak, as it’s designed to punish people that have not collected enough capsules. However, deaths in this game take fewer points away from you than if another person kills you.

You can work out the math here. Blowing yourself up turns you back into a human and prevents opponents from getting more points if you do so. With the human characters being powerful in their own right, this could give you a huge advantage if you prefer playing human over bioweapon!

Guide by KyoKusagani1998.

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