Resident Evil Village – How to Complete the Entrapment Challenge

One of the challenges available in Resident Evil: Village is called Entrapment. For this challenge, players are required to defeat 20 enemies with other enemies’ attacks in the story. This may be a little bit confusing for other players. For Resident Evil Village players who are having a hard time completing the Entrapment Challenge, make sure to check out this guide as it will help you complete the quest.

Before we get started, please note that anyone who completed the Entrapment Challenge in Resident Evil: Village will receive a total of 4,000 CP.

The Setup

Immediately after defeating Angie, you are able to retrieve a “Broken Slab” from a crypt between the Chalice and the Church. The slab is the key to the Benevento Treasure back near Angie’s house, so we’ll be returning there. On the way back you’ll want to stock up on healing supplies and pistol ammo, as well as taking the LEMI handgun if you don’t have it on you already. Save your game and head back to Angie’s house. Upon returning to the cemetery, you’ll find it is now guarded by one big and very angry guy. If he lives long enough, he will summon weaker enemies to distract you.

The Achievement

What you’ll want to do here is weaken the smaller enemies with the LEMI pistol as much as you can without killing them, so that the big guy can clean the house and rack up the numbers for you. I haven’t figured out the best way to get him to actually hit the little guys, because his swings seem to be incredibly inconsistent on where they hit.

The Rest

After summoning a few waves of three enemies, he’ll summon less each wave. If this happens and you’re still a little ways off from the 20 kills needed, just load the save earlier and run back. He’ll be right back to summon three again.


And that’s all of it, everyone. We would like to extend our appreciation to Screeb for this exclusive Resident Evil: Village guide. Do you have any idea to improve this Entrapment Challenge guide? Feel free to comment and let other players know your method.

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