RimWorld PC Keyboard Controls

This guide will be showing you the default RimWorld keyboard controls for PC. Please note that you can modify these buttons by simply going to the settings menu of RimWorld.

RimWorld Keyboard Controls

Move ForwardW or Arrow Up
Move LeftA or Arrow Left
Move BackwardS or Arrow Down
Move RightD or Arrow Right
Double Scroll SpeedShift + W, A, S, or D
Sift + Arrow Up, Left, Down, or Right
Zoom InPage Down
Zoom OutPage Up
Closes any open dialogue or opens the Game MenuEsc
Pause / UnpauseSpacebar
Toggle architect tabTab
Toggle work tabF1
Toggle schedule tabF2
Toggle assign tabF3
Toggle animals tabF4
Toggle wildlife tabF5
Toggle research tabF6
Toggle quests tabF7
Toggle world tabF8
Toggle history tabF9
Normal speed1
3x speed2
5x speed3
Ultra fast speed (Dev mode only)4
Rotate objectQ or E
Toggle screenshot mode (turns on/off HUD elements)F9
Take screenshotF10
Select next/previous colonist, or .
Use with left mouse to select multiple itemsShift
Use with right mouse to queue colonist actionsShift
Select next item in squareNumpad
×10 (For any number field, multiplies the increment/decrement button by 10)Ctrl
×100 (For any number field, multiplies the increment/decrement button by 100)Shift
×1000 (For any number field, multiplies the increment/decrement button by 1000)Shift + Ctrl
Select pawn, item, objectLeft Mouse Button
Select all of same type on screenLeft Mouse Button (Double Click)
Draw square to select multiple itemsLeft Mouse Button (Drag)
Open context menu for an object, when applicable.Right Mouse Button
Zoom In/OutMouse Scroll Wheel

Did we miss any control keys for RimWorld? Please let us know in the comments below and we will update this RimWorld controls guide.

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