Road Maintenance Simulator

Road Maintenance Simulator Controls Guide

This guide will be showing you the complete list of Road Maintenance Simulator controls for Windows PC. Aerosoft GmbH has finally released their newest realistic-simulation video game.

In Road Maintenance Simulator, you will be playing the role of a German street maintenance service. You will be needing to complete different tasks and missions everyday. If you’re ready to enter the world of Road Maintenance Simulator, check out the key bindings and shortcuts that you need to remember below.

Road Maintenance Simulator Controls

Just like any other PC game, you can modify and remap these default Road Maintenance Simulator key bindings. To change the current settings, go to Options > Controls.

UseLeft Mouse Button
RunLeft Shift
Enter / ExitF
UI on/offV
Accelerate (Vehicle)W
Reverse (Vehicle)S
Engine On/Off (Vehicle)R
Brake (Vehicle)S
Parking Brake (Vehicle)Spacebar
Hazard Lights (Vehicle)Numpad 8
Horn (Vehicle)H
Left Turn Signal (Vehicle)Numpad 7
Right Turn Signal (Vehicle)Numpad 9
Rotating Beacon (Vehicle)Numpad 5
Use Attachment (Vehicle)E
Toggle Attachment (Vehicle)Q
Total IlluminationUp Arrow
X-IlluminationDown Arrow
Arrow LeftLeft Arrow
Arrow RightRight Arrow
Road Maintenance Simulator Controls

Apart from using your mouse and keyboard, you can also use a gamepad controller to play Road Maintenance Simulator. Below are the default controls for gamepad controllers.

ForwardLeft Stick Up
BackwardLeft Stick Down
LeftLeft Stick Left
RightLeft Stick Right
Enter / ExitY
UI on/offOptions Button
Accelerate (Vehicle)RT
Reverse (Vehicle)LT
Engine On/Off (Vehicle)A
Brake (Vehicle)LT
Parking Brake (Vehicle)L3
Hazard Lights (Vehicle)D-Pad Down
Horn (Vehicle)R3
Left Turn Signal (Vehicle)LB
Right Turn Signal (Vehicle)RB
Rotating Beacon (Vehicle)D-Pad Up
Use Attachment (Vehicle)B
Toggle Attachment (Vehicle)X
Total IlluminationD-Pad Right
X-IlluminationD-Pad Left
Arrow LeftD-Pad Left
Arrow RightD-Pad Right
Road Maintenance Simulator Gamepad Controls

And this is everything you need to learn about the default Road Maintenance Simulator key bindings and shortcuts. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions to improve this guide.

Road Maintenance Simulator has been officially released on Steam on April 7, 2022. The game is also available on Xbox and PlayStation.

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